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Norm--I LOVE today's GIMP header of a flooded Rockefeller Park.  I think of Masumi Hayashi and John Jackson.   And, it makes me want to reread Love in the Ruins by Walker Percy. 

How can we refer back to these images?  Do you have them stored somewhere accessible?  Are they titled? 

PS. Here is a map of the CSOs along Doan Brook:


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Just archived in bulk... will make available

I could have photographed in the Cultural Gardens flood for hours but had to get to a meeting. Still, I did catch a few cool shots from the Greek garden above - in the middle of this pan id a police officer running along the banks looking for stranded motorists (see in full size above)... these frequent 100 year floods are really interesting.

I just moved all my photos from the past few years (1,000s - 50+Gigs worth) to a network hard drive so I have them archived. Now I need to finish uploading the pans (and other useful images) and making them available for download - it is worth seeing them in a larger format. To make the pans I reduce the original 2.2 Mb high resolution images to a smaller format, to reduce file size, and I usually save these pans in a format that produces images that are around 3 feet long and a few hundred Kb. I then reduce those to the header size... sometimes I play with the color, etc., as well... and add the logo.

For an upcoming photo exhibit I plan to produce and print some of these pans in full size, high resolution, which will be around 16 feet long and 3-4 feet tall... that will be interesting.

Here are the two Greek Flood pans in medium format... I'll try to be better about posting these pans and their background info in the future... eventually, they will all be organized.

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100 year flood for 2013

Speaking of flooding, check this out. Brought to my attention by William Busta, this had not been part of my history education since I didn't grow up in the region. He mentioned that if a convention center was built on the river site (for Forest City) it would surely fall in when the 100 year flood visits the Cuyahoga Valley again.

Here's an article from the Cleveland History magazine: 1913 flood in Cleveland.

Here's a history of severe weather in Ohio.

Biblical Floods

This photo is compelling.  Man and Nature.  I am not religious, but I respect Nature as my church.  Try as we might, we don't call the shots.  The Plain Dealer had a good article this past week by Susan Vinella

Doan Brook flood prevention work never done

Truth is--we can't prevent floods.  The City of Cleveland built a huge dam on Doan Brook.  So much for prevention.  Now, respect Nature.

Man made floods

The hardest path to cross during the floods this week was getting under the rail line on the West Side at 117th by Madison (and all along the line) and it was pretty obvious why - RTA has built a huge new parking lot there that drains millions of gallons of run-off water right into that valley - on top of lots of other new surface paving around there - I'd love to see if any studies are done before such improvements are made.

Doan Brook is flooding because so much has been paved upstream and around that valley.

We need to accept man is responsible for all such flooding, as our global weather patterns change, and embrace a new lifestyle that includes anticipating such disruption - that's how we lived in New Orleans, knowing small floods would happen each year and Katrina could happen at any time. The harm caused during Katrina was all man made (poorly engineered water controls) and so is the harm caused by nature here.

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Poor design

Thanks Norm--We do cause our own misery by not respecting Nature in the design of our lives.  The flooding at Metrohealth campus is a case in point.  It did not need to happen.   I love the Metrohealth professionals and I feel bad for them. They work at one of the ugliest, mismash of buildings I have ever seen.  I worked there in the eighties, so I can say that I know the complex.  It has a subterranean world, as well.  In any case, the ER flooded this past week.  Guess, why?  Some brilliant architect/engineer designed the ER drive to flow downstream to connect with a sub-level of the building.  Guess where the water ended up? 

Remember the rain forest at

Remember the rain forest at the zoo, it was built on what was thought to be outside the flood plain of the big creek, actually beyond it historical record level for flooding, as soon as it was done the creek set a new record. 


I have affection for big creek; it is part of my childhood.  I do not see an outflow recorded for Bellaire road.  However, the other three opened, it so gross to think about it.  


CSO overflows

No overflows in Doans creek or Dugway creek, but still into Millcreek, nothing recorded from the east side all the way through Rockefeller Park.   The hilltop interceptor seems to be working.

Doan Brook has CSOs and SSOs

Doan Brook has combined sewer outfalls and sanitary sewer outfalls.  I have to dig up some info from the nineties.  As far as I know, these have not been addressed.  I worked Rockefeller Park today for Walk and Roll Cleveland and unfortunately, the park took a real hit after this last big storm and that included CSO overflows.  Outfalls don't necessarily mean that an overflow will occur in a given year, but it happened this past week. 

People--support Lois Moss--and Walk and Roll Cleveland.  Get it together.  We are really letting this city fall apart.  Rockefeller Park should be our crowning jewel, and it can be if you help make it happen.  On a brighter note, the day was beautiful and nature does heals itself.  Visit your city parks and take pride in them!  Lois, Julia, Lydia and all the other volunteers--you are my heroes!

I know I love the parks, I

I know I love the parks, I was in rockefeller park today as well, it was nice day. 


This is in part from the district pages: its good and bad, we still are sending storm water that is connected to CS. 


The District's Heights-Hilltop Interceptor (HHI) system was constructed to transport separate sanitary sewage from Greater Cleveland's eastern suburbs to the District's Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant.  

At a cost of approximately $250 million, the HHI system was constructed between 1985 and 2006. As a result of these projects, sanitary flows that used to enter Cleveland's combined sewers are now sent directly to the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
This has significantly reduced combined sewer overflows to streams such as Doan and Dugway Brooks. 
The interceptor fully or partially serves 15 communities including Beachwood, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, Gates Mills, Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Pepper Pike, Richmond Heights, Shaker Heights, South Euclid, and University Heights in Cuyahoga County and Willoughby Hills in Lake County.  
Is the system that serves me a separate of combined?  Seriously, how do I know?  I am in Shaker can I assume that it is fully separate this information leads me to think that it is.   
However, it makes me wonder about the storm water is it sill contributing to the CS?  Is the storm water from these areas still contributing to causing outflows?  If they created a separate system for sewage than are we still adding to the combined system just not contributing sewage?  Is the storm water combined with the areas that still are combined?      
I am sincere I want to know, why should I be diverting and retaining if we spent 250M over 11year to build a separate system should I still be attempting to divert rain water.  
I really hope that it is possible to eliminate the CSO and Edgewater Park someday, that is a big one and the thought of it dumping directly at the beach is appalling, the west side should be able to direct it storm water into big creek, rocky river, the Cuyahoga and the lake.  They blew it they had W117th excavated to grade and they should have built a large storm line under it.   One outflow at the lake and another into big creek, they could have connected new storm drains through east West Street section by section.    
People flush all kinds of stuff, then go to the beach, and lay with it all around them, I went once with some friends and I had an anxiety attack, seriously I could not stand it.   It think it would be cool to embossed numbers on prophylactic and tampon applicators, and when people purchase items that have correct disposal criteria it list that item ID# with there ID# and they should get a fine sent to their home.    
Is it a problem to direct storm water into a creek?   There is still an open section of big creek between w117th and Bellaire all the streets from I-9O south to I71, all the street from W130th east to West Blvd could be drain into Big Creek.  They could just tie into the natural watershed, I would scare the hell out of people, I really would like un-culvert big creek from W117th to Puritas. Open it up all the way to the retention basin.   
That culvert is a huge contributor to the problem; a large section of the western city’s sewers connect to it.      
I bet if they excavated it they would find the original streambed, unfortunately they actually built homes over the culvert, could you imagine the outrage, telling people you are buying their home to tear it down and create a stream.   
I wish someone would look at that see how many homes and what road changes would have to occur.   
That is the approach I like best creating retention basins ands natural streams and creeks feed by the storm drains.  All the street drains could have screens on them and people could have jobs to clean them.   

What effect would that have on children seeing that unfold; I know how it would have affected me and my friends growing up.  We would be jumping for joy, we all wondered what the fuck, Cleveland kids, why does the creek smell like shit.  Why would it smell more after the rain, it seems as if the rain would clean it out.   These kids today need to see the changes they need the stimulation. 

I know big things like creating strips of natural green space will not happen, but it is good to aim high and teach children the possibilities for change.  These things should be documented best plans, creating green spaces entwined into urban areas.  Not just blocks, winding trails with watersheds and many trees.   I sometimes think the blocks could be replaced with continuous spaces of green that connect.  I can see a way to connect Halloran Park with Trush Park and a section of Big Creek is within that, however there are homes there lots of little bungalows and some post war apartments and a Catholic church which will more than likely close.   If you cut way or eliminate, then what remains would be more valuable. 


People say this city has potential, it does each section has tremendous potential. 


The same energy that went into the lake front plan could go into each area. We need to protect our industry I really would like to see consolidation of industry into zoned areas, and monitor it even to the point of fending off acquisitions that cause them to leave, and even further search for logical acquisition for them to make to grow and funding those acquisitions.        





Flash Flood?

Average rainfall for august is 4.4 inches, we received some place between 3-6 inches between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. 

Did your rain barrels work?

All the CSO outflows did, most of the water diverted, with no drainage system we all would have been flooded all low area not just some.

A flash flood is outside of an absorption rate,
It is true we need to insure absorption but nothing will absorb 6 inches in 2.5 hours.  That’s 6 inches in 150 minutes, which would be an inch every 25 minutes?
So you then we have discharge rates for drains, a gutter on a home is usually set to discharge 2.9 inches an hour.   Some can be configured to accept 150mm per hour.
The point is that gutters and drains are set to empty faster than natural absorption it is the combined systems that mix sewer with storm that is the trouble. 
Over flow is do to lack of adequate drains, they should be set to accept at high levels of rainfall, separately from sewers. However, the fact is when the outfalls occurs, how can I say it, if you catch or absorb the small amount of rain that which is below the outfall point, it is waste of time and energy.  If you have no system to divert in heavy rains, then you flood.  If you have rain barrels and you are not connected to a drain in a heavy rainfall…I do not want to live next to you, you could make me flood.   You need a gutter connected to the top of the barrel!  Or a hose that goes to your own basement, its your choice. Just kidding maybe an array of barrels?   It is all about capacity.  Even a green roof has capacity, it has to connect to a drain in the event rainfall outpaces its capacity. 


We need seperate storm drains, nothing absorbs that fast.


The civil infrastructure  costs a lot of taxpayer money.  but there is not a program to encourage retention/detention of precipitation on each individuals' property. So instead we taxpayers fund the huge bill for buried pipes to take the floods and dump them with their pollution in Lake Erie. 

Oengus, what if we developed – as Susan Miller has advocated – open cut curbs which allowed  hundreds of gallons of rain water to be retained and absorbed into the tree lawns? Instead of dumping into the mixed sewer.storm drains.  We would credit the individual taxpayers on their county taxes for the volume of flood storage they provided = because without the individual flood storage the county would have to build more costly infrastructure.

Just a reasonable suggestion!

Pictures of the same storm, on the east site

I could have kept going with the photo of the flooding in my neck of the woods as well..  (near my office) but had to get in to work.   I have 2 photos (landslide) and 2 snazzy youtube videos I shot (manhole cover about to blow off, and a whirlpool) available online at the North Coast Pollutocrat.

From the enviro angle, the real proof in the pudding would be a shot a day -3 after of the mouth of the cuyahoga, grand, or chagrin rivers.   Especially the cuyahoga.  I have seen the plumes of sediment going out 1000's of feet beyond the west light.  

Nice coverage - what about Doan Brook, turned river?

Cool coverage ZM, although I can't say the flooded vistas of Beachwood rival the beauty of Doan Brook turned river, as it flooded the cultural gardens. I do need to start carrying around a video camera!

I went back to the Cultural Gardens flood site just two hours after I took the flood photos posted to realneo and I was amazed everything had drained, that all the cars had been towed and there was no damage anywhere I could see - no huge trees blocking bridges and underpasses, and all the streets, grass, flowers and gardens looked freshly washed and revived. It occurred to me that a flood of the Doan Brook would expose the flood zones to an interesting toxic stew, including lots of fertilizer and other garden treatments and nutrients from the heights up stream (along with lots of paved surface runoff and perhaps raw sewage). As the flood zones were stewed in the toxic brew, across 100s of square miles, what are the negative and even positive outcomes. Will some zones be hyper-fertilized - will some be dangerous - we know the end result is Lake Erie beaches are the most shitty in America but what about the flood zones feeding that - and especially the Doan River basin at full crest?

And, in addition to raw shit, etc., flowing into our flood zones, rivers and lakes, what other overflow toxins are there, where - where is the data on flood-flows of lead, mercury, and even pharmaceutical drugs in the water - is there consistent data on such toxins?

Disrupt IT

Not a very environmentally safe system, they let some gross stuff get in the water on 08/07/2007. 


I think it interesting that people have aversions to consolidation of industry in certain areas.  Industry really should have a separate waste system, it is bad enough we get raw sewage but what is washed down the drain in factories can in fact cause more harm than an infection  


During normal times, the wastewater facility can find traces of caustic substances, they can trace those back sometimes to certain industries that use them, but during heavy rain, they could be dumping barrels of stuff.   


All this money 900M and not to separate the problems, it all looks bandagesish to me. 


What goes down the toilet separated from what comes down in rainfall, separate industrial areas that have separate facilities? 


I have been told that my notions of separating industry from residential were elitist.  I said no it is not it is it all about practicality, they all require different infrastructure from sewer to electricity to roads, connect them with trains and you have real good model. 


We are putting people before infrastructure; the vision of the planners is not what they are supposed to be doing.  It all touchy feely stuff, if you straighten things out people will get all touchy feely on there own.


The master plan for the city should include infrastructure, utility, water, and sewer. They say it does, and I say yeah maintenance of the status quo, rainwater should go into the lake and the streams not combined with sewage and industrial waste.     We do not need two power grids and utility poles every 5 feet.


This is what really gets me, if we section up the city then one section at a time is done, but that is not fair they say.  It is self-destructive selfishness, actually it narcissism. 


If the storm water is treated like a gutter than each entrance gets a screen, it is cleaned periodically; hey, that is a job!  I think start at the point the water enters the natural system. Then build back into the man made areas. Ever time a roads repaired, in fact just schedule roads repair with infrastructure changes.   To big, jobs too complex then break it into section-managed units that what business does, then measure them against each other.    The trick is all units have to be under the same system and tracked all by the same method.  A regional government with accountable and comparable sections within it, it true everyone wants to o to heaven and nobody wants to die.  We have these elitist egocentric bureaucrats and theocrats. 


Try this each zip code elects a representative, there task is to select three candidates for unit managers, that who would actually oversee the spending in that area, the citizens get to vote or select which of the three they like, based on credentials and experience.  The position is would be measured on statistics.  They would have task lists, and be judged on achieving tasks with a budget set for them.   Housing, roads, education, commerce, we have dumb system. 


The region has functional levels but who are they accountable to?  The educational system, the roads, the bridges, the sewers, a manger of region would work with functional systems as a customer.  We need these things how much will they cost?   The revenue of the area also tracked, a manger does not offer public housing or request it if his area is primarily poor, it need jobs and or influx of higher income earners   Access of grants based on need, if an area has higher income it get limited grants unless it offers some affordable housing.  I mean figure it out; there is no restriction on how local government can be set up.  Any outside entity, such as the federal government or state cannot do anything in an area without knowledge of an area manager.  Influx of any capital has to be accounted for.  If it comes into the regional then it get section up to each area as part of it budget, the source changes but the accounting method would be constant.   The elected official is a liaison with the population and confers with a greater collection a council; they should all have access to a legal advisor and economist to consult, perhaps a civil engineer and architect.    


That is all I have, I need an editor I think. 


I think council people should just get all the emotional discharge and not be overly patronizing to people the changes really need to be big, and seriously there is need.  We have bizarre system of government that most or socialized to work within, except or ignore, it is fragmented and disconnected in many ways dysfunctional.        

All about discharge...

 I had this biology professor in junior college I cannot recall his name.  He stuck in my mind because many of the topics he discussed with us were rather radical.  He one day announced that the male race would through evolution  disappear.  I responded with “wouldn’t the entire human race disappear”?  He said no because it was already possible to fertilize an egg with the existing content of an egg.  That is a clone for the most part, but he also alluded to a more complex matter, which most of us discounted after the first comment.  He talked about environmental elementals, things in the environment that caused a loss of masculinity. 


I realize now this man was a sort of genius, locked away in junior college.  He asked us once to consider that some of us may go on to become scientist and that we need abide by high level of morality and accountability. 


He explained that acetaminophen was not processed in the human liver; he could not understand how it could be marketed with out disclosure to those consuming it.  Other substances such as aspartame have similar molecular structures and tax the liver.


Certain plastic bottles leach out xenoestrogens, here is an article on it ENVIRONMENTAL ESTROGENS  


 I look at the beach and see femine hygiene applicators, then say ok nothing stopped that from getting into the water that came along with some hormones, sound strange?  It is nearly impossible to determine blood is 90% water but also contain proteins and hormones.  There is also a sort of ecosystem in the sewers, insect rats etc, it is in their food chain and occasionally is dumped into the water supply.  Nearly half of the population is female and most are menstruating 25% of the time and that is a lot of discharge 


Fish changing gender


Washington DC, CSS

The EPA estimates that there are 58 communities with CSOs in West Virginia;

UP stream West Virginia   


Is it societal or environmental….or both.  Roles?


We have to clean up the water, and eliminate the use of hormones in feeds,

CSS and out flows are they a source of estrogen contamination?


There can be no question that the sewage has estrogen in it, and the test are on the effects of that food chain and the CSO actually introduces all of it into the ecosystem. 


It’s odd the more I look the scarier it gets, in 100 years will pink be everyone’s favorites color.   Could the future of evolution be hermaphrodites, how would nature adapt to the introduction of environmental hormones?  


Each person is what’s referred to as specific; we all have a similar reaction to certain stimuli, but also genetic variations make some more susceptible than others, some that have a predisposition for liver failure should not consume liver taxing substances. 


Humans are unordinary in our propensity to manipulate; nature has a law of homeostasis it balances.   Far beyond the scope of out meager minds, we are attempting to prolong our existence…. actually marginally postponing our demise.  





interesting and informative waterworks

Excellent piece here.   I hope you find some synergistic information in this thread of tributary thoughts  and past posts the realneo community engaged in earlier.  Enjoy!

Another great HEADER (not GIMP)


So moody--almost like a film still.  Beautiful.