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LINCOLN WEST TEACHER GETS NATIONAL AWARD.  This teacher is amazing.  I have seen the light she instills in her students.  Bravo Maestro!

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Stay here

Try as I might, I was unable to persuade a doctor from Metro to live in my neighborhood.  Relocated from India and living for the short term in my neighborhood, he and his family quickly assessed that he wanted the comfort of familiar language and customs, which they can find in suburban Middleburg Heights. Diversity generates chaos and creativity, but the chaos outweighs the creativity.  Too bad. (But his lovely daughter will still participate in this summer's CPL Reading Club!!! Hah!  Better prizes!!!).  When will a developer realize the potential of the vacant Brooklyn YMCA building to market to Metrohealth employees??  Views of downtown and access to the Metroparks Zoo and Cuyahoga Valley National Park??

City kids win Cargill prize

I work with the fabulous students and teachers at Horizon Denison Science Academy in lovely Brooklyn Centre.  Their sister school Horizon Science Academy downtown just won a $1,000 award from the Cargill's and the Plain Dealer's Newspaper in Education Program to promote healthy "Hoop and Holler for Health" afterschool activities!!! Bravo to Science Educator Davida Vassar and her students!

Rocky River

  Okay, there might be some smart people outside city limits.  This falls into the Why didn't I think of it category?

Lincoln West Again

  The Plain Dealer recently visited Lincoln West and discovered that we have a mini-United Nations in our midst.

Lincoln-West High School rich in culture, but sparse in tools to teach English

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This school has facilities and it has students with amazing potential. It is also located within three blocks of Metrohealth Hospital.  And, yet, the District has no immediate plans to improve the facility. 

It occurred to me after tonight's Community Forum at Lincoln High that during the summer months, the District could/should be spending that time making improvements to existing facilities.  The District is running through the Issue 14 monies to the detriment of our existing students.  I spoke with a CMSD teacher tonight and he rationalized the District's strategy as an attempt to retain students with sparkling new facilties.  Well, that's not working.  The District continues to lose students.  

The District also handed out graphics tonight detailing their revenue and expenses.  When you see the amount of money the District has to work with you begin to understand why it is a bottomless pit for unscrupulous contract awards. 

The aforementioned teacher said to me, now you know why the board members should be elected. Would that really solve the problem?



Good chemistry

  Two positive nodes in Cleveland--Lincoln West High School and Forest Hills Park. 

Healthy minds and healthy bodies--How do we channel these assets into the local economy?