Building the Film Industry in NE Ohio

Submitted by prelude2cinema on Fri, 02/17/2006 - 01:56.

The Studio Incubator is not the entire piece of the puzzle needed for a Film Industry here, but it is a start. First we have to recognize the Industry is not here, and then we move forward with the potential. So here, I will chart the progress of the Studio Incubator.

Establishing a Digital Pipeline

This will be a digital studio. I am working on a TV Series now. We shoot with the Canon XL1 then download it to the computer. There are two video files. One on my computer and another on an external drive which the editor gets. He works at home and sends me the project files (we're using Adobe Premiere Pro).

This type of pipeline is used by Hollywood. Although their computers are a lot more expensive. I read about the Editor of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" who worked in Los Angelos with an Apple G5 and sent the Director in New York his work via the pipeline.

The article is online at  


I have enjoyed working this way with my TV Series editor. He can do his stuff at home or wherever (he edits on a laptop).

I was wondering if anyone has experience with digital piplelines and info for the Incubator. Thanks. 



Alex P. Michaels

Building the Knight Movie Studio Incubator

Knight Studio is not a Start Up but an Expansion

Knight Studio is not a "Start-up." The Studio already exists. The Business Model will be detailed in the Company Annual Report. The Report will be available soon.

In order to expand and grow the income streams from the Business Model, I am looking at bringing aboard some partners to provide working capital and purchase new equipment.


There was a long R&D (research and Development Phase). And we are in the Beta Phase, but have managed to utilize our business model to acquire income (revenue from sponsorship of the TV series, and providing production services). Also we are using new means of Distribution. The complete episode of the TV Series is at Google Video. Later on, the Studio will also acquire and distribute movies by other producers. There is a wealth of talent in the area producing different types of movies. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to distribute that work directly to consumers.

It will be important to keep a focus on how the Studio impacts the community.



Alex P. Michaels

Building the Knight Movie Studio Incubator

The Studio Incubator has a Space- Details to follow

Thanks to a New Partner, we have a space for the Expanded Knight Studio Movie Incubator and will be bringing aboard Business Partners this month. We will have news here about the New Partners and the Space once we work out a few details.


I have to find some more financial and business partners and work out a lot of things. The Space is very nice and will fit well with the Incubator ideal.



Alex P. Michaels

Building the Knight Movie Studio Incubator

Movie Studtio Annual Report now on-line

A lot of potential partners have been asking for a business plan.  Since my company is up and running, we decided to do an annual report. Same information, but  we felt it was better to establish that we are not starting, but instead growing.

Read the first Company Annual Report for Prelude2cinema. As the Knight Studio expands and the company grows, the report will change.  To get a look at it now,

Go to the Sidebar on our Wiki. It is a PDF file.