Six Simple Sentences to Save the World : Cryptic Cryptographers and Codebreakers Creatively Collaborate and Cohesively Coalesce!

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Thu, 04/05/2007 - 18:27.

 Many of the world's brightest cryptographers are codebreaking as we speak, in dark labs all over.  The DaVinci Code is the perplexing puzzle puzzling people like the Pope.  I have some hardcore thoughts around which we All need to postulate and ponder.  World's intellectuals Unite! 

My idea to Crack that Code is to simply state the following Six Sentences.  Listen up Y'all!


1.  Riddling Rabbis Rapture.  Great work so far deciphering the Torah and Bible.  You've hit two of the (Six -1)  Scriptures necessary to Solute. 

2.  Five Five-Lettered Holy Scripture-Scrolls:  Bible, Koran, Torah, Gitas, Vedas.

3.  We've been thinking in Two Dimesions - now think in Three.   

4.  A PentaHedron , or Hexahedron - like a 5 or 6 sided Die from Dungeons and Dragons

5.  Each face of the geometric Creation corresponds to each of the Five Scripts above.

6.  Now investigate the 3D and 5D possibilities when we investigate, integrate, and interpolate this magnificent Matrix.   This Lovely Lattice.  This Stylish and Sexy Solution.


Peace and Love , Yall.   Dance like None are Watching!  Children of Zion unite under Ja -  or (in my case),  Christ the King!  Choose your Flava, like flavas of Ice Cream or Beer - all yummy, all Good

Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Sufis, Sikhs, Gnostics, Agnostics and  (I suppose...) Atheists -  UNITE!!


Think Timeline :  The Older the Text the Better or Purer?  - Does Sanskrit Script Trump  Arabic, Aramaic, and Latin or are All Equally Elegant?  Dead Languages REBORN!    Rebirth of Root Languages - Spawner of Spawn.


Seriously Sexy and Stylized Sanskrit Scrolls - 2 for the Injuns...


We can and must all Save the World Together.




Sounds good Sudhir - go open

I support this pursuit. You'll need the collaboration of 1,000s of people so it is a perfect open source initiative. See who you can rally for support.

Disrupt IT


Sudhir - you hit all the nails on their head's.
What's to discuss? 

Anyone question "SEXY"?