CHN is NOT exempt from Rental Registration FEES

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Cleveland has a MANDATORY Rental Registration Program, Cleveland Certified Ordinance Section 365, that requires registration of ALL rental properties and a payment of $35 annually for EACH individual unit. ALL OWNERS MUST REGISTER.  CHN Crime Partners is NOT exempt. "Failure to submit the required fees is a violation of the Housing Code and subject to prosecution and penalties."  So WHY hasn't CHN Crime Partners registered ANY of their vast rental real estate empire NOR have they filled out the Affidavit for Exemption of Rental Real Estate. They do NOT qualify FOR THE EXEMPTION. Who gave them a secret FRAUDULENT ILLEGAL exemption. CHN Crime Partners owes millions in penalities. At $100 per day PER UNIT. "FAILURE TO SUBMIT  THE REQUIRED FEES AND OBTAIN A RENTAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE IS A VIOLATION OF THE HOUSING CODE AND SUBJECT TO PROSECUTION AND PENALTIES.....THE FINE CAN BE $100 PER DAY FOR EACH DAY THE PAYMENT IS DELINQUENT"


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CHN Crime Partners OWES MILLION$$$$ in Penaltie$$$$

In Cleveland ONLY CMHA (a government entity) owns more residential RENTAL properties than CHN Crime Partners. And like every other owner of rental properties, CHN CRIME PARTNERS IS REQUIRED TO PAY AN ANNUAL FEE OF $35 per unit. OR a cap of $15,000 for those owning more than 450 properties. CHN Crime Partners PAYS NOTHING. But does it REALLY surprise ANYONE that CHN Crime Partners has virtue signaled their way out of paying, inventing their own illegal exemption to the Department of Building and Housing, for which there is neither form nor precedent, making the outrageous and false claim that their lease purchase properties are NOT really rentals AT ALL but a higher, BETTER and VERY special form of housing not subject to common rules and regulations. They have proclaimed it from on high at the CHN Crime Partners Embassy at 2999 Payne and verily it shall be so. They are a law unto themselves.  So why then in their 128 page lavishly produced Magnum Opus entitled A CHN Crime Partners Guide to Single Family Lease Purchase Projects, does it BOLDLY STATE in white and green on page VIII, “throughout the 15 year LIHTC compliance period, the LEGAL RELATIONSHIP between a resident and CHN IS STRICTLY LANDLORD-TENANT” . CHN Crime Partners doing what they do best. Screwing the Cleveland taxpayer with their unchallenged double standards. All set up LONG LONG ago on the down low by the PINT SIZE LITTLE NAPOLEON  scam master himself, Dictator in Chief of BOTH Community Development AND CHN Crime Partners. Special secret exemptions completely illegal and FRAUD. And this special protected status of special Lease Purchase buyers who are in MOST cases completely unqualified to own homes in spite of CHN handing the homes right over to the 95% of"owners" who are not credit worthy...from 2013-2015, the "buyers" are delinquent on their property taxes to the tune of $487,315. Written off mortgages and the carefully screened by CHN Crime Partners "owners" don't even pay their property taxes. WHAT A PROGRAM! Amirite?? A YUUUGE benefit...not to Cleveland and it’s OVERTAXED residents of course but to the OVERPAID all WHITE “brain” trust at CHN Crime Partners. The only ones that REAAAAALLLY MATTER......

CHN Crime Partners specializes in fraud and misuse of tax$$$$$$

CHN Crime Partners has carved out a SPECIAL off the books exemption regarding the $35 PER UNIT FEE REQUIRED OF ALL LANDLORDS. But their rentals are SPECIAL rentals JUST because CHN Crime Partners says so. Their rentals are a HIGHER" rental, according to the Cleveland Building and Housing Department, even though they are still just rentals like any other rental. So what if they are Lease "Purchase" rentals. For 15 years they ARE RENTALS. But CHN Crime Partners doesn't have to pay the $35 PER UNIT FEE or fill out any tiresome paperwork like poor landlords struggling to get by. Because they are so SPECIAL they have a SECRET, totally illegal SPECIAL "arrangement" with the Department of Building and Housing. And their Lease Purchase properties are even MORE SPECIAL when the 15 years is up and CHN Crime partners ....well..."SELLS" them. They have a SUPER SPECIAL deal for "buyers" who CAN'T get financed by banks. CHN Crime Partners and the Cleveland Department of Community Development step up and use HUD block grant funds to give the "buyers" pretend mortgages that are written off after 2 years. The TINY fraction, LESS THAN 5% of REAL buyers, ONLY 15 out of 290 buyers between 2013 and 2015, who qualified for conventional financing FROM BANKS (you know the old fashioned loans that ACTUALLY have to be REPAID WITH INTEREST) are NOT told about the "special" "mortgages" for CHN Crime Partners "special" "buyers. In 2013 CHN Crime Partners gave 100 "special"buyers" pretend "loans. ONLY THREE buyers had good enough credit to be "diverted" to real banks and forced to get real mortgages that must be repaid in full with interest. CHN Crime Partners 2013 SPECIAL SELECT  "buyers" who got their houses for free now owe a total of $172,144 in delinquent property taxes. In 2014 CHN Crime Partners gave 90 "buyers' with bad credit special fake mortgages that were written off. The TEN buyers with GOOD credit WERE NOT OFFERED the "special" deal given to those unbankable "buyers"and now have mortgages with banks that have to be repaid in full with interest. The 90 "buyers" from 2014 with written off loans now owe a total of $139,309 in delinquent property taxes. In 2015 CHN Crime Partners handed out fake loans to 85 Lease Purchase "buyers" that have no repayment required. In 2015 ONLY TWO buyers were bankable and got mortgages that must be repaid in full with interest. The 85 "buyers" from 2015 with CHN Crime Partners special written off “loans” now owe a whopping $175,862 in delinquent property taxes. It doesn't get more SPECIAL than THAT. Does it?

#Me Too WHINES the EDEN Fraud Network

And EDEN doesn't have to register OR pay EITHER because they lie. Of COURSE. Even though ALL their 1100 rental units have the rent TOTALLY paid by Section 8.  EDEN under ONE of the 47 names under which they operate told the naive and gullible Department of Building and Housing they provide rentals for "old" people. You know Land Use Code 6800. Which they are using fraudulently. THAT old bullshit.


The Ohio Department of Tax Equalization will be reviewing EACH of the EDEN FRAUD NETWORK 120 or so scam Land Use 6800 parcels individually. EACH 1 bedroom condo. EACH commercial building. EACH Heroin Hotel. EACH single family house. EACH 6 suite apartment building. EACH ONE. INDIVIDUALLY. The FRAUD BLANKET EXEMPTION IS OVER. To determine IF ANY of them qualify for the tax exemption. That they have FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMED for 25 years. I spoke to the Ohio Department of Tax Equalization yesterday. Once they get to it, some of the decisions will be quickly determined, some will require more information. They will notify me by mail if there is anything else they need to make their decision in ANY of the DTE 23 B FORMS I submitted. Which OF COURSE I WILL PROVIDE. 

Who Da Boss at CHN Crime Partners?

In 2016 CHN Crime Partners added yet another highly paid executive WHITE GUY position to their roster of highly paid white executives profiteering from the poor. An "In House Counsel". Before that CHN Crime Partners struggled along with their legal "situations” by using high powered ruthless OUTSIDE attorneys from some of Cleveland's Very Finest Firms. AND..... they STILL DO. For example, in the past 12 months, Powers Friedman Linn of Beachwood Ohio handled all of CHN Crime Partners 211 cases in eviction court dumping IMPOVERISHED MINORITIES, SINGLE MOTHERS, DISABLED AND ELDERLY TENANTS with NO legal representation OUT ON THE STREET.  So one DOES WONDER WHY EXACTLY CHN Crime needs a very costly In House Counsel. And ALSO who decided to appoint him? It's shocking that CHN Crime Partners managed to find over $100,000 laying around in unmarked bills in someone's drawer to pay an In House Counsel while lowly poorly paid staff have been laid off left and right because of "budget cuts". In 2016, the inaugural year of the new highly paid WHITE GUY position, The In House Counsel was paid $102,958 according to CHN's IRS 990. And of course deferred compensation of $10,932. Compare that to Rob Curry's lofty $140,869 plus $16,909 in deferred compensation. BUT CHECK THIS OUT!!  In 2017 the New White Guy pole vaulted over Rob Curry's salary. The In House Counsel was paid $152,002 compared to Rob Curry's $145,587. The In House Counsel got a 50% PAY INCREASE. And lo and behold it came unsurprisingly to pass in September 2018 Rob Curry "decided" to "step down" giving a NINE MONTH NOTICE. And just GUESS who within hours of Rob's "resignation" was announced as his replacement at the very top of the Crime Partners heap. THAT'S RIGHT! The In House Counsel of course. Kevin Nowak. Can I see a show of hands from those who think the In House Counsel position will be filled after July 1. Once Rob Curry has permanently been removed, kicking and screaming, from the CHN Crime Partners Embassy at 2999 Payne and the locks are changed. Anyone? Me neither.