CLARIFICATION of rulings regarding use of term RE-ELECT

Submitted by citizens4cummins on Wed, 10/21/2009 - 14:56.

The Ohio Elections Commission through several Advisory Opinions and Rulings has determined that the term "RE-elect" may be used in connection with the term WARD COUNCIL, (AO 99LC-05 see link below).

A previous complaint filed against the Cummins Campaign for the new Ward 14 for one of our first campaign pieces was dismissed because the piece, although using the term RE-elect did not indicate a Ward number, it only referred to the title I currently have, which is Councilman. This is allowable under the Commission's rules.

Subsequently to learning of the Advisory Opinions related to the use of the term re-elect, our campaign has either dropped the term RE-elect and utilized the WARD NUMBER to draw attention to the distinct race we are in, or we've dropped the Ward number and have utilized the term RE-elect as allowed under the Commission's rulings.

My opponent did not attend the hearing last week in Columbus to provide any testimony to the complaint filed. He tried to present new evidence that was submitted less than 24-hours in advance. That evidence was disallowed for failing to meet procedures. In the proceedings there was lengthy discussion and a review of past cases. There was a motion to dismiss made, which was defeated by a 2 to 4 vote, and the ultimate vote for the violation was 4 to 3 with a tie vote decided by the Chairman.

Of the two pieces that were cited in the complaint. One was generally viewed as not being in violation as the term RE-elect was substantially separated from the term WARD 14 in context and design. The yard signs that were designed prior to our knowledge of the Commission's rules were found in violation.

There was no financial penalty or referral for prosecution as the Commission recognized that sufficient evidence was provided to show our campaign took the appropriate actions to correct our literature and yard signs from the time we became aware of the rulings. We've since blocked-out the term RE-elect from our yard signs.

One last note is that these rulings impact any and all re-districted elections, i.e., census mandated re-districting or otherwise. No candidates can utilize the term re-elect in direct conjunction with a Ward or District jurisdictional designation.


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Cummins Is Not Deceitful

Thanks for the factual clarification and a big thanks and kudos to Laura for showing great civic involvement.  Noteworthy that a citizen who filed a complaint took the time to go before the commission and be involved in the process, when a candidate did not.

Cummins is deceitful

 He is using propaganda that implies that he is an incumbent in the new ward 14. He is confusing voters. He was found in violation of the law in Ohio. Then he found a loophole that lets him tell people in a new ward, the majority of whom he has not been elected to represent in 2005, that allows him to say reelect. If that is what is acceptable to him, then the new Ward 14 should really say no thanks. It does not surprise me though because he only registered to vote 4 years ago. He is pushing 50, so he has had the opportunity to do so, and choose not to.

Nagin Supporters/Volunteers Turn Nasty

Cummins stated his campaign took corrective steps after Reed's complaint was heard.  I see his covered yard signs.  Nagin filed several complaints, one of which was dismissed, another that came with no penalty.  Nagin did not even take the time to go to Columbus to represent his complaint.  Laura did, and she's not running for office - maybe she should.

Some have stated, and I agree that both candidates have done their share of good for the community.  Both candidates rise to a level above many of the other sitting council members.  To call one deceitful during the course of this campaign and not recognize the other tries to artfully build himself up while trying creatively to tear the other down is disingenuous.  They both have strengths and they both have faults.  That is a campaign.

Cummins is right to use the word re-elect where it is allowed.  He won a political race - his very first one, to a governing body that he wants to remain on.  Nagin is upset because he's had 9 election upsets.

The Nagin supporters went all wild when Cummins  put out a factual comparison that listed Nagin's almost 20 year leadership role in a 3rd party.  There was no personal attack - just facts.

Nagin put out the most personal attack piece in the campaign - and no one says a word.  Some of his allegations were preposterous.  He even flips on himself in the response to the PD candidate questions where he states,"unike my opponent, I have no affiliations on council."  Affiliations do not a Loner make.  Call them all deceitful.  Apparently, the Nagin supporters take the lead of their candidate and turn nasty.  Be careful, one can choke on their own bile.



after the smoke

 comes the mirrors... nuf said.

"smoke and mirrors" =

"smoke and mirrors" = deception. 

Don't be fooled, do your own research and your own thinking and vote for the candidate that YOU consider the best choice to meet the needs of the residents that actually live in Ward 14.   It is your choice, get out and vote for the candidate that meets your needs.  But, please vote. 

I invite you

goav, I invite you to work on the Rick Nagin Campaign, a movement of positive energy, and some of the most wonderful people that you will ever meet. And they live right in the new 14. People are very excited about the campaign, and don't waste precious time going the route that you have described. You are welcome to accompany me. You will work hard but feel very good and loved by the neighborhood.

Both candidates have done

Both candidates have done their share of good for the community...this is key here.  I am comforted by this because if this is really true we can't go wrong with either candidate.  Let's hope that they can both continue to work for the betterment of Ward 14 after the election, no matter which candidate wins.  


nice, but

Nice, and I used to agree, but after learning more, I strongly disagree with the above statement, W14R. I do like your efforts, though, to encourage people to vote, and the conciliatory tone. Nice to see (read) that. Thank you.

What have you learned that

What have you learned that changed your thinking? 

I am voting for Rick Nagin because I think he is the best choice for Ward 14. 

I encourage everyone in the ward to vote so the person that wins represents the majority of people that live here in Ward 14.  I have learned that apathy can destroy a community and that community action can save a community.  Everyone can get out and vote and let their voice be counted.  Please vote.