Father's Day and Weekly Giveaways: Blue Point Grille and Jewelry

Submitted by tchaves on Fri, 06/12/2009 - 01:51.

I wrote about a wonderful local jewelry designer recently called Susan K. Jewelry...This week, she's sponsoring the weekly giveaway with a $40 gift certificate for her online store, and she has some fantastic grad and Father's Day personalized gifts.  

Also--dinner for two at Blue Point Grill.  And last week's giveaways are still open to enter: Fresh Fork Market food bag and although not a local sponsor--an independent designer from Australia--is giving away an adorable apron.  

It takes about a minute to enter each giveaway and it's totally free.  You won't receive a message from the site or a sponsor unless you subscribe or win.  

Each Friday, I feature a different local or independent business, artist or designer, and independent restaurant or local company with two giveaways on Tricia's Dish.<P><P>

Tchaves posts - Still a great example of Spam

Ms Chaves, Please be sure to come to this Saturday's meet-up and advocate for your commercial spam material - I will be there to advocate against it. There is generally a subverted quid pro quo in everything you post - that's spam IMHO. By the way, I tried Bullfrog Mosquito Control in the recycled DDT bottle, ($4.95 at Examiner.com) and not only did it kill all the mosquitoes on contact, but I know it has helped me think clearer about your posts.

Titus amendment

  Jeff--again.  You're really going after the wrong idea of spam on this site.  I don't understand your focus on Tricia and your leniency on Oengus, on me, or on Guy....let me tell you...  We all have our agendas, too.  I am beginning to suspect that Oengus' agenda is just to bog down this site with incoherent ramblings and links to irrelevant video spam.  What's your take on that?

I'll see you on Saturday.  BTW, Tricia has raised the public safety issue of how we do and don't register our pets.  The idea is worth exploring and resolving on this site.  There has to be a better model of enforcing pet registration.  Let's talk about common ground.