Community Development Block Grant Funding cycle June 2018-May 2019

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Hello All - just letting you know that the Dept of Community Development is collecting public opinion on the funding that is allocated ward-by-ward. FTR - the process is already a hot mess with no way to publicly record your input. The Citizen Participation Line is wrong at this website, which hasn't been updated-also Michael Cosgrove is no longer the Director of Community Development: I have called my council rep (Jasmin Santana) and I suggest that you email your council rep with your recommendations on how these monies get spent in your ward. I will be asking Councilperson Jasmin Santana to compile citizen input for the use of monies in Ward 14. I am adamant that Brooklyn Centre (my neighborhood) is NOT put under the service area of the MetroWest CDC (CDBG Year 40 starts June 2018). Folks in Ward 14 who live in Tremont, may also want to make it clear that MetroWest does not serve constituents. The other options for these areas are Tremont West CDC (Tremont) and Old Brooklyn CDC (Brooklyn Centre). I realize that there is no adequate agency controlling real estate interests for Clark-Fulton and Stockyards. Jasmin Santana has advocated for a restructuring of the satellite CDC that puts residents on the board of this CDC. It is now being restructured - and if you live in these areas you should ask for board members who actually live in the ward.

***Through phone calls (on my day off) I found the correct contact who is Joy Anderson at 664-2055.  The acting director of Community Development is Louise Jackson.

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Emails to your City Council representatives ARE Public Record

Send a email to your Council representative - requesting clear accounting of intended CDBG funding allocations.  If you are like me - make sure that IF the Council person  insists on allocating funds to a CDC - that the CDC has community membership on an elected board.


AND read Eric J Brewer at FB:


Some on Cleveland city council are going to hate you having the information I'm about to share. You'll know everything there is to know about how the mayor, council and department heads should be performing the duties of the elected and appointed public offices and jobs they hold. Your knowing as much as they do will make the lazy ones have to work when you start challenging them in the neighborhoods.

Here's a link to Cleveland city council's home page.

Here's a link that provides you with information about all of Cleveland's council members and how to reach them at city hall. The authority of a member of council is to discuss and vote yes or no on legislation. They're supposed to discuss the legislation with the people who elected them before they vote on it, so you should be getting copies of ordinances and resolutions from them in weekly meetings in your neighborhoods. They're handling over $2.5 billion in public funds. You know damn well if this was your personal money you'd be watching it closer if these were the folk handling it.

Here's a link to the Rules of Council. These are the rules they're all supposed to be following for electing the council president, handling meetings, receiving, discussing and passing legislation. It shows also how they can authorize congressional-like investigations of the community issues we've been discussing.…|Text|&Search=rules+of+council

Here's a link to every state law that controls how cities, villages and townships are required to be managed in Ohio. This set of laws is more powerful than the charter and local ordinances. These are the "general laws" that "apply" to Cleveland and why Mayor Frank Jackson and other mayors lose when home rule contradicts what's written in Title 7 of Ohio's revised code. Title 7 is the bible for governing cities in Ohio.

Here's a link to Cleveland's charter and ordinances. They are inferior to Title 7 of Ohio's revised code, but they provide more specific detail about how the city is managed under its interpretation of Title 7 in some instances. If these ordinances contradict state law then state law prevails. The ordinances need to be revisited because many are outdated. Cleveland's municipal court judges have determined some to be unconstitutional or inadequately written; and so have the court of appeals and state supreme court. Council is supposed to be reviewing its ordinances regularly. They should be studying ordinances by meeting with department heads to see "how" they are being interpreted by employees. The bottom line is that council is supposed to be reviewing the ordinances they've passed to see if they are helping the people or harming us. Look at it this way. The state told mayors and councils they couldn't pass or enforce any local gun laws. We have a right to openly bear arms. Period. Council didn't repeal its unconstitutional local gun ordinances and left one on the books that was the reason used by cops to shoot Tamir Rice and even Sabra Scott's son, Randy. Council is still trying to pass ordinances to restrict what the state has clearly said is a 2nd Amendment right instead of passing an "open carry" ordinance that tells cops to treat a person openly carrying a weapon like it's no more than a cell phone. Council's business is in the ordinances and not the streets. What the fuck is wrong with sitting on your porch and having a drink? Why can't downtown sidewalks be used by "the residents of Cleveland" to set up tables and sell shit around the stadiums or during events without an expensive azzed permit? There were sidewalk vendors from the neighborhoods lined all up and down Euclid when I was younger. Downtown property owners don't own the mutha fuckin' city sidewalks. They can even write an ordinance as an instruction to police that the smell of marijuana is not probable cause and not to randomly search license plates. Ordinances aren't supposed to fuck the people.…/cityofclevelandohiocodeofordin…

Here's a link to search for ordinances and resolutions Cleveland city council members are voting on.

Here's a link to the city record. It's supposed to let you know what your councilmember voted on and how they voted. If you follow the ordinances passed in the City Record and compare what council does to its own rules and Ohio laws you'll see the violations. They are rampant.…/the-city-record

Here's a link to Ohio's constitution. I'm not going to tell you which section controls municipal corporations and authorizes home rule. If you read it you'll know.

Here's a link to the side of city government Mayor Frank Jackson controls. That's where you'll find the budget.

And if you want to know how the state auditor evaluates Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland city council's management and compliance with laws and good business practices, here's a link to the 2016 state audit. Contact the state auditor at 216-787-3665 and ask for the "management letters." The management letters are where you'll find very critical and ongoing information about how department heads are managing city funds.…/2017/City_of_Cleveland_16-Cuyahog…

Bottom line. If you don't read you can't lead if you're an elected official. And if you're a citizen dealing with a non-reading elected official all you're hearing is a pack of lies. Everything about government is in "the code."