Community At Large Embraces the Families of Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight with Prayers, Hugs, Blessings, &Love

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Today, my heart sunk when a relative got a text that we thought was a too far fetched to be true...but we reacted immediately with phone calls to see if it was true as we didn't have a TV available to see the news...within minutes we were sure the news was true....they found Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight alive along with a little girl later to be found out to be Amanda's daughter. We all jumped for joy, dropped all our work, and ran to the location between West 25th and Scranton on Seymour Avenue where hundreds of people had already swarmed with the same sense of unity and love we shared. By the time we arrived; both ends of the street were yellow taped off, film crews were lined up everywhere, and people were lined up as far as you could see with rumors flying about various things overheard. I carried my child for several blocks to get closer and see if any of our community leaders were there.... the police were posted and keeping the crowd at one was getting any new information; but soon Charles was being overwhelmed with cheers after doing his interviews about how he had heard Amanda's screams and how he helped to kick out the door for her to escape. I saw Commander Sulzer doing relations with his officers. I saw the reporters busy reporting tidbits. No one had the full story as of that point. I heard a rumor that the family had come to say Thank You to Charles; the guy who helped Amanda Berry out of the house and to call 911. As the hair on my arms stood up with absolute amazement and shock over this story and realizing that these girls were all alive; it hit me just how deeply our community at large was totally united for this one moment in time for these young ladies and their families...They are heroes; all of them.... They have survived years of imprisonment against their will in America; on an average street in a regular city. No one ever suspected them to be there. But as I walked away and around the block; the lady who lived behind that property with a couple little curious girls stated that the guy had yelled at the girls a few days before as they had snuck to the rear fence perimeter off of Castle avenue. The lady outlined how the girls had just days before told her that they had heard women screaming and how she shunned it off. She was in a state of shock as well. Realizing that her children had probably heard the ladies in captivity and not known where it was coming from in order to validate their youthful claims was chilling to the bone. Soon; I was buckling my baby into the car seat...and as I got to the house and checked the news and facebook dialogues; it was rampant and everywhere. I talked to my daughter immediately to explain why mommy worries so much about her safety. She quote, unquote called the guy in this case a "SICKO".... As I got home; I thought of my friends' children and worried about so many kids we know. The phone rang all night with friends notifying me of this story in shock. Through the night I've heard a lot about Amanda and Gina; but little about Michelle. Apparently her family moved to Florida and as of late this evening; they were still awaiting police notification directly that it was their daughter/granddaughter. ( Ultimately; the police were blamed for her case being left out of the spotlight. It is absurd to think about the "normal" statements about their kidnapper. The neighbors and community at large he actively engaged is amazingly unreal. He was so not the suspect in this case. He had a normal Facebook where he touted the birth of his 5th grandchild. Surreal. His family at large was being interviewed throughout the day. Then; the news said that he and his 2 brothers were arrested in connection with this case. This news was comforting...but still discerning in the grand scheme. We live amongst some of America's Most Wanted and remain stumped about what's going on with our own neighbors. When did American's become so complacent? I'll bet when this is all said and done; so many connections will come to the surface in this case that our heads will spin. Yet; the reality that the yard is a target of the investigation leads us to wonder are there any dead bodies of other missing girls there???? It's all spooky. The real truth is that it is scary and yet we all embrace eachother and unite to support these ladies in being reintegrated into the community at large. They will definitely suffer from PTSD and so much more. Stockholm syndrome? Their lives will forever be tainted by this sentence they have endured. I pray that our community at large forever holds them tight and empowers them to live good lives. While I could list the failures of the police or remark about the pathetic 911 operator who took this call-I'll stop myself. I want to end this with a prayer for the ladies and their families and our community at large... Check your neighbors basements....if they won't let you....ask yourself why? How many more missing persons are being held hostage in America....????? How many more dead bodies are laying in yards in Cleveland, Ohio? Despite the best attempts by our fine leaders in Blue....there have been severe mistakes along the line by their predecessors. I pray that more live people are recovered in this war on human trafficking in Ohio. We are Petitioning City of Cleveland, Department of Public Safety, Division of Police 2 City of Cleveland, Department of Public Safety, Division of Police: FIRE THE DISPATCHER WHO TOOK THE AMANDA BERRY 911 CALL on 5/6/13.

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Sending love, prayers, and hugs to the ladies...

who were imprisoned on SEYMOUR avenue....

SEYMOUR....seems a direct reminder to the public at large.... spooky and telling: SEE MORE! Pay attention people.

Always Appreciative,

Thank you Commander Sulzer...."SEE MORE"

"SEE MORE" Night outs x 3 per year!

Now we are talking community policing....Get her done!

Always Appreciative,

Plan to hand out missing persons flyers: "SEE MORE"

The Channel 5 reporter noted this plan in his report about what Commander Sulzer said:

Since the victims were rescued on Seymour Avenue, the commander wants to start a new campaign. He calls it, “See More.” He wants to get police, community and community leaders together on three separate dates which will represent the victims. He plans to hand out missing persons fliers hoping that will generate some attention and find the more than 100 people missing in Cleveland right now.

Read more:

Always Appreciative,

Laura Cowan on WKYC-and Phillip Morris article

The reality of women held in captivity or in hostile relationships was brought to light by Laura Cowan on WKYC tonight.  


The reality - majority of Cleveland Police don't care - they don't live here and we are "trash" to them.

Also archiving my comment -since PD is deleting link to article that explains CPD has database to investigate missing girls and selectively uses it:



Listening to World Have Your Say and other media outlets - I am outraged that the media choses to interview folks who don't even live in the neighborhood to represent the neighborhood like Mike McIntyre and Dan Mouthrop. BTW, the council rep is currently Brian Cummins. 
As for your choice of persons to interview, I know Juliana, and she is sweet and kind, but she is also a recent intern, now employee of one of the mega-CDCs that specialize in turning over young acolytes to become part of the machine at City Hall. She does not live in the neighborhood. 
Don't get me wrong - I was there, too - when I lived in Tremont. (Seymour straddles Tremont and Clark Metro- I live in Brooklyn Centre). This town spits out young and idealistic people. But, to your query on how WE make things better. Well, I talk and talk and talk and walk and walk and walk. I know my neighbors, I REPORT what I see and the media ignores it. And, the PD routinely deletes my comments. Here' a TIP - noted by Gabriel Baird, a now defunct PD reporter who did some excellent investigative work:
Please Mr. Morris - don't let your admin delete the comment, because it reveals that for the right price - CPD CAN find your abducted child.
The darker implication of this story is that there are known sex traffickers - there is a database. So, I suggest that the PD start looking for other "houses" like the one owned by Mr. Castro. Girls go missing every day. Show that you really care


Charles Ramsey becomes an ANGEL in Ward 14

I hear folks making a mockery of Charles; the way he talks, the way he looks, the way he is....

Sadly; all these phony folks who put on an image---are NOT real people of our community....they are mostly actors...

Charles; thanks for being REAL....

I'm personally sick of all the middle class working people who live behind their fake identities. I am sick of all the people who cannot be real; who live double lives, and who are deviants! They as a whole have created an UNREAL NEO!

Hugs; Prayers; and Blessings for simply...KEEPING IT REAL!

You and those around you were at the right place at the right time... You took a risk to step to the plate and the result has led to national news...and 4 people's lives being given back to them.

There are no words to encompass the joy and hope you have given our world at large.....or to our community at large!

May everyone in this City of Cleveland begin to really take a look within at their complacency and indignant ways of ignoring trivial screams....because a scream usually means something is WRONG! So sad!

Wake up sleeping dogs! Figure out where your spines are in life. May more women be found alive....or may their screams be heard in your daydreams and may you have nightmares until these missing persons by the droves come home safe!!!!

Always Appreciative,

Hugs to Gina's Mom....

Tonight; I stopped everything to go to National Night Out Against Crime........the entire day and all the way there.......truth be known......all I hoped for under the sun was to see Mr. and Mrs. DeJesus. The quiet anticipation of seeing them was deeply quiet and personal. Truth be known; for years I have prayed for their daughter to be found alive and the other girls. I've always cared about people at large. I remember having coffee at a place where a lady kept a sign posted on the back of her truck where she worked right on Clark Avenue at the Pit Stop----which said something along the line of "WHERE IS GINA?" for years. That lady was so deeply passionate about finding her...and she kept this discussion open so many times. Gina has been alive in the hearts of people because her parents remained engaged and active within the community forever... Their leadership, strength, courage, and faith beyond words has forever been something to be respected....Their hope, their infinite connection with their spirit which told them she was still alive and much more..............kept the vigils alive and well..... 


I cannot help but say that these deeply amazing people deserve the highest regard available. They believed when many had given up the fight. 

I used to say; she's in a basement. I believed that because near the location where the girls were abducted is a house that I used to visit which had an enormous basement with secret and extensive basement rooms. Something always told me the girls could be held up in a basement like that. No, I never made it to a vigil; No, I never found the courage to find these families and tell them I believed the possibilities that they did; but I was like a silent unspoken belief...a belief that the connection between mother and child is beyond words and this mother's confidence remained steadfast that she was alive...and I believed wholeheartedly she was right....but another part of me had always suspected that they could have also been taken on the highway to another town in another place anywhere....that anything was possible...........


Ultimately; the last several months are beyond words to us all. 

I didn't seek them out...but as I sat with my friends and child; here came the Guardian Angels escorting Mr. and Mrs. Dejesus to their vehicle. I rushed to get over to them...I called out to Mrs. DeJesus as she was closest and Mr. Dejesus had already gotten into the car...and I asked her if I could simply give her a hug and say, Congratulations. She said yes and thank you...and all I know is when I hugged here......tears came pouring out of my eyes..........tears of joy for them, tears of relief for them, tears of hope for so many more....tears of love and peace of heart for them....tears I could not control...tears I could not hide tears of deep love for a family that has become like our own as a community.....tears of love from countless folks who have cared through the years, watched, prayed, loved, and somehow engaged this story from beginning to end........tears of a mother who is raising two little girls alone......tears of worry for my own child's futures........tears of knowing the exhaustion and many years of loss known...........and simply tears  full of happiness for this family...............and Mrs. DeJesus hugged me tight; then pulled away with a smile; looked up at me in the eyes and said; "Those better be tears of happiness" and I said yes...............and thank you.....and God Bless.........and she hopped in that car with them and I went back to my friends with tears still pouring out of my face. I cannot explain it...the tears are still flowing now..........just thinking about it all. 


Mr. and Mrs. DeJesus; you all are amazing people. There are many folks like me who send love and cry tears of joy for your family and the families of the other girls. You have taught a community at large more than words will ever be able to say. You have become a glue that binds a community beyond words. You have become the strength, courage, and wisdom which empowers others in your same position to sustain hope when it's being ripped from their souls. I cannot emphasize what your family symbolizes to enumerable other families with missing loved ones........I am ever so grateful to GOD above for reuniting all of the girls with their families..but ever more so to you all for touching so many lives with your amazing brutal honesty................


I am thankful for that hug beyond words......Thank You Mrs. DeJesus for your amazing faith in God above..............Thank you for leading by example with grace, delicacy, and fire beyond words. We as a community love you more than you might know. God Bless. 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"