Drupal 5.18 Upgrade

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Thu, 06/11/2009 - 03:59.

REALNEO's Drupal installation was upgraded to the most recent version in the 5.x branch early this morning, and all contributed modules as well.

We were pretty far out of date, and there were a number of kinks to work out that were holding up the upgrade process, so I'm glad we're past this.

Or nearly past this -- please comment here or let me know if anything doesn't seem to be working properly.

We're still out of date... Drupal 6 has been the stable and recommended version for quite some time now. This being a relatively old site that has seen quite a lot of activity and change, (and Drupal having a development strategy that focuses on agility and change at the expense of ease of upgrading,) the upgrade to D6 is going to present almost as many hurdles as it will possibilities.

But, I'm really glad for progress, however piecemeal. Please know that your REALNEO is now more secure and stable than it has been in some time, and this has gotten us a big step closer to making some actually noticeable improvements.

Again, drop a line here about any issues you notice...

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Thank You Jeff Schuler

Realneo, started by Norm Roulet and  content contributors almost 5 years ago, has been on line pretty much constantly, and all Realneo historical content is available and fully searchable by Google.  The legacy records of NEO's people, places, governmental agencies, etc. - which are available to the world on Realneo - are contributing to the improvement of the local and larger community.   

Considering that  over the last half decade Realneo has been cobbled together by a number of different coders and by a few ISPs - some using Drupal modules and others adding a bit of their own non-Drupal code - it is no easy task to keep everything running smoothly on Realneo.

And when it comes to upgrading - new Drupal modules which might have backward compatibility (if the older modules haven't been tweeked by private coding) won't just plug in to Realneo if the ISP, or a past Realneo programer, has modified the older "stock" Drupal module.


Picture upgrading Realneo as if the site were a 2003 Volkswagon Beetle - but in 2005 someone - we don't know who - had changed the factory supplied engine to a similar front wheel drive system out of a Buick.

One day you decide to perform maintenance on you VW so you go to the supply house and buy spark plugs, air filter, and oil for a 2003 VW Beetle.  Of course, when you go to install the spark plugs the threads will probably get crossed and stripped because the Buick uses inch standard thead, and the VW metric.    So just maintaining the system becomes risky trial and error, and is the scenario which Jeff Schuler is faced with every time any change/upgrading is contemplated wtih Realneo's Drupal core.


While many Realneo users are posting HUGE, BOLD, NOVEL, EARTH MOVING, MUCK RAKING ideas to the home page, it's Schuler with his Crescent wrench and ViceGrips in the back shadows of Realneo.us's one car garage which is keeping Realneo on the road.

greasy fingers and coffee

To continue the metaphor...

Also, imagine all of the model numbers had worn off the many modifications made to the car...

You had to pull all the parts out, find the manufacturer's marking on their insides, (some, worn away in a fender-bender, you guess at,) then put them back together again...

Lessons learned from chop-shops...

... and OME help on its way from the Drupal factory

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 jeff s. genita steve repair humans also


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