An East Cleveland Ward 2 Reality Story. Don't Think This Insanity Will Stop In The Ghetto.

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 07/19/2009 - 04:55.

Late on the 4th of July, there was a big fight in my neighborhood. Thankfully, I wasn't there. A friend who was there described it as around 100 people - some from East Cleveland and some from Cleveland - who just plain wanted to fight. No gang or drug issues - no girl in the middle - just a bunch of people so stressed and freaked out by life that they needed to pound somebody. On that night, those folks settled for pounding each other, and little harm was caused.

But, this wasn't some cutie-boy Hollywood fight club... it was brutal violence and a leading economic indicator for my community and the region... and it means trouble is coming. The recent rape and other violent crimes in University Circle are on the same radar for me, and the 100,000s of other stakeholders around Cleveland.

I knew this was going to be a bad summer - a bad year for impoverished places - and July 4th showed major signs of how bad it has gotten in my part of town.

Yesterday afternoon, as I pulled into my inner-city driveway to notice a window was open, I realized my family was the latest victim of living in an impoverished place, in hopeless times... people will smash out your windows with a baseball bat, in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with neighbors out everywhere around you (of course, they don't know anything), and they will crawl into your house and rummage through all your drawers and personal items looking for whatever they think you have worth stealing. And, if you happen to be in the house when they come in, you may rest assured they will beat you to death with that bat, if not shoot you first.

In our case, whoever broke into our house left their bat behind - on our bed, where my wife sleeps. Probably a sign he wanted to kill her - or he was turned on going through her underwear and is sending a sign he is coming back to rape her.

I assume it was a HE because it is no ordinary bat. It is a violent, no-games bat. It is taped up for extra grip. And, it has been used a lot - the tape is very worn - to smash lots of things - the bat is heavily scared. It is perfect for close combat, to smash someone in the face and strike many kinds of blows - a bit bigger than a cop's club but similar idea. It is a special bat of a special villain - hard to imagine a villain leaving behind such a special bat, unless leaving an important message or caught in the act and rushed to leave... I wasn't gone long so I may have cut the villain's fun short.

As I assume the bat belongs to a neighbor, I expect they'll be looking for an opportunity to get it back... and looking, and looking.

I have the bat, and I brought our Cane Corso back to the house, from visiting my parents, and we are locked in and ready for anything. But that certainly doesn't solve our problem, being the poor local economy caused by our poor leadership here.

Our leaders don't seem to understand the seriousness of the desperation and violence in our community, now, and that the only solution to our crime, which is getting worse, is to create real hope and opportunity for all the impoverished people in the region, which is why I proposed the development of REAL COOP INFO FOOD. If we focus on feeding and employing impoverished people in our urban core, through the development of our local foods economy, we will stop those people from smashing in my windows, and yours.

Until we implement real change initiatives of the scope and equity of REAL COOP INFO FOOD, where change is actually needed, nobody is safe in this community.

A few summers ago, my parents had their front door chopped down with an ax, and their house ransacked, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and they live in the middle of Shaker Heights. Don't think this insanity will stop in the ghetto.

Batters up!

our love

 Bill and I send our love to you and Evelyn and the boys.

You're in our thoughts...


 My first year on my street, I had kids throwing rocks at me and I woke up in the middle of the night with a leaf fire blazing on my front lawn.   I know the boy who started the fire and pelted me with rocks.  He is grown now.  He and the other boy involved were angry young man with no outlet for their aggression.  You will survive this.  My life is good now and the relations on the street are getting better every day with more ethnic diversity than we ever had before.  Know your neighbors, wave, say hi...building walls only makes the problem worse.  I hope that this doesn't sound preachy.  I do send my prayful, peaceful thoughts to give you, Evelyn and the boys the strength to forgive this trespassing.

Not unexpected - at least you can see a bat coming

An old friend in New Orleans was painting his house and had up some scaffolding - and left an upstairs window open. While his family slept, a villain (or several) climbed the scaffolding and entered the house and burglarized it. My friend awoke to a knife on the nightstand, a red handprint on the wall beside his wife's head, and a violated home.

Another friend in New Orleans awoke to similar circumstances.

New Orleans, at the time (1980s) was very impoverished, and everyone knew that made it very dangerous... and that was before crack. We all lived our lives recognizing the danger, and that made it much safer.

By living where I do, in the heart of our poverty and social struggle, I always know what to expect from my neighborhood, and live prepared. As such, in East Cleveland and the most impoverished areas of Cleveland, I know how to live and act to avoid harm, if possible.

Unfortunately, living where I do, in the heart of Northeast Ohio's power and leadership killing fields, I never know what to expect from the rich and well educated of our community - the subject of a posting by Ed Morrison, today. My cane corso may keep bat wielding villains from my family, but nothing seems to protect us from our foundations and the power-elite that has drive our economy and the lives of our citizens into the toilet.

I expect violence to result from poverty - that is as normal to me as life in Haiti, and in New Orleans in the 1980s.

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norm and family yogi & me will help protect you(s)

norm and family yogi & me will help protect you(s)-

i have a rifle or shotgun to loan you - lets go shopping for a hand gun

unless you know - cameras sign 24 hour video alarm special protection request for police f.b.i. hate crime compliant and other law enforcement - go to all the neighbors by brochure and let them know what happen and what you will do - the mayor etc all the stuff that you thought ofetc., -  i will come to your home  and walk the street s and do remote viewing and common sense street stuff  - let me nowi will call you - email you


yogi and guy

Guns, money, drugs, gold?... no, just Dooney & Bourke

I appreciate the offer of help, Guy and Yogi, and you are the first I'll call if we need reinforcements. We're good for now, but we should get together!

Anyone who has been to our house knows we have weird stuff - so weird you can't pawn it stuff. Our stereo is even so weird you couldn't easily sell it here. And most of our cool stuff is heavy.

What the villain was looking for was light valuables - money, gold, drugs and guns. Since we don't keep any of that in our house, what it appears the villain got was a very nice Dooney & Bourke purse and some cheap jewelry.

That must have been a cute sight... a thug climbing out our window with a pastel Dooney & Bourke purse over his shoulder. If it didn't get him drugs, it probably got him laid.

I keep all my valuables with me, so nothing of mine was stolen. My wife is smart enough not to leave anything more valuable than a purse at our house ever.

The disturbing thing is the weapon - the intent to cause harm.

We have access to plenty of guns but don't keep any in the house unattended, out of concern about exactly what happened - we don't want to be responsible for a thug running the streets of EC with a Dooney & Bourke and a 9mm from our house.

Disrupt IT

norm this could be black ops don't like realneo,us etc - fear

anti-burglary bars - all windows and doors and more-

very large signs  'you are being videoed etc etc"

most if not all police dept. have a alarm response rightt at the district or headquaters and this is for businesses that press the secret button and the police come within a few minutes or sooner so your alarm system to be should do that or have some enity call the police that a burglary is in progress

and or call you at the same time and again not to insult your intell- great alarrms-cameras will show whats going on on you laptop - real time and or down load - motion detector alarms will call out " you are enterring  a restricted area and are being monitored and videoed etc. " the preditor will run

our home is monitored by satilite-goverment and other stuff - the camera can see al icense plate from space or a face and follow a vehicle-person-

your home can also - i'll speak with you-

you and yours i beg you to take sgt. campbells, cleveland police, carry a concealed weapon class -

i sleep with my hand gun and take it with me - my gun never sleeps and is guarding  yogi me 24 hours -

this was an omen - sign for worst things to come  - please obey the omen sign and protect you and yours and your neighbors-

do not dismiss this burglary - this could very well be enities that don't like - covert black ops stuff - the bat is asign of this - send fear to you a warning - burglary poor persons etc. don't do this etc.,


yogi and guy

beautifully put




"society sets up the crime and the citizen commits it"

"society sets up the crime and the citizen commits it" chinese poverb


yogi and guy

He didn't get my Dooney & Burke purse

He knocked it on the floor next to the dresser into a pile of sweaters I was planning to put away for the summer. I looked over everything pretty carefully this morning and I could n't think of anything that was missing. The house did n't look as messy as I expected, and nothing, with the exception of the window, was broken. I expected worse.

The bat is a filthy and ugly. I hope Hexa, our dog, never tangles with a thug weilding something like that.

Thanks Realneo community for all your kind words!

The combination of the black destruction of Cleveland which was fully implemented by forced school integration via busing and Section 8 housing has now created all black suburbs. These cities are now called “inner ring suburbs”, and they are now lumped in with Cleveland as communities that need to be saved by regionalizing. There are numerous once prosperous white cities which are now all black and experiencing the effects of blackness; high crime, poor schools, street after street of foreclosures. East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Euclid, Bedford are examples. While once restricted to the east side, now west side cities are under pressure. Lakewood and Parma are now finding out about the joys of diversity.
I just hope there are enough whites left with a sense of racial
identity to stop this insanity.

Yup, mutants...

You try to love those mutant back-woods coal miner's daughter-types, but then they go all low-IQ on you... showing more whites than blacks are victims of environmental injustice.

You are late for tea.

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