Euclid Tavern is Real NEO, and back in business

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 23:16.

Euclid Tavern neon sign

The Euc is back. The Euclid Tavern has reopened and is again setting the scene and hosting diverse live music in University Circle. Long a favorite Cleveland concert club, launchpad for visual artist Derek Hass, favorite mainstage for 1,000s of local and travelling acts, closed since 2001, the Euc was recently bought and renovated by local entrepreneurs of the Ciofani family, owners of Comm Steel, who believe in Cleveland and the Triangle, Star and Circle neighborhoods. They've put up some serious money and invested real sweat equity to make the new Euc a major destination.

Euclid Tavern Happy Hour

Throughout the well renovated and thoughtfully conserved building are great spaces for entertaining and being entertained, from a snazzy basement bar to rooftop deck. While much more expansive and polished than the original Euclid Tavern, the owners and manager remain true to the spirit and legacy of the place, hanging many Derek Hess prints on the walls and preserving sections of original graffiti on some walls... that brings back blurred flashes from the past!

Euclid Tavern graffiti

The new Euc owners plan to feature art from the neighboring Cleveland Institute of Art on the walls, and showcase a wide range of music. They expect to leverage their location on the Silver Line to serve as a transit-oriented hub for downtown sports and cultural events, and plan to participate in the hyperlocal transformation quickly picking up pace in their midst.

Euclid Tavern basement bar

I've stopped in a few times to meet the owners and appreciate their contribution to my neighborhood, and I look forward to catching my first show there... I'll let you know when, on REALNEO.

So are you psyched the Euc is back? Any fond memories to share?

Euclid Tavern Pan REALNEO Logo

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thanks for the pics of the Euclid Tavern

I was worried that it might have gotten too slick and would deaden my memories of "back in the day". I am so pleased to see some graffiti has been saved. Now if the Numbers Band comes back... well I might just have to resume those old wild days... well, OK maybe not, but it sure is good to see the Euc back in business, and I do hope to find a reason to stop by sometime.

Their website indicates a Mr. Stress appearance soon -

Bring back the Numbers Band so I don't have to drive to Kent.

I suggested Cobra Verde

You should email them any suggestions - if they haven't already had Numbers Band in I'm sure they will.... they are booking lots of the bands that played there in the day, if they still exist. The last show I remember seeing there was Cobra Verde.. actually, I don't remember the show, but... I sugested to the new manager they book them again and he was certainly receptive.

It is a little slicker than I would like but they did keep the architectural details like the tin/copper ceiling, neon sign... and much of the old graffiti. Not many owners would think of that. What I haven't tried is the food, so I can't say if it is good. But the place is great, and the owners and management are cool. Another great reason to hang out in my neighborhood.

Disrupt IT

Numbers Band!!

  Oh Susan--you and I share more than good taste!!!  This old spinner will be back in action! And, be still my heart--beer buckets!