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Is G Ticket as an alternative to Ticketmaster just a rumor? G Ticket could possibly be born from fans who have grown tired of Ticketmaster's service fees. Adding to the general public dissatisfaction is the Ticketmaster monopoly--especially after a Ticketmaster merger with Live Nation, the nation's largest concert promoter was approved by the Department of Justice. The company's stranglehold on live entertainment is stronger than ever. But until G Ticket, Google's choice to Ticketmaster becomes a reality (if it ever does), concertgoers have many online approaches to stay away from Ticketmaster fees.

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G Ticket and what to expect
What do individuals expect with G Ticket as an choice to Ticketmaster? The same things experienced by the Ticketmaster Monopoly. Because of the fees, most people do not like Ticketmaster. According to Variety, ticket prices for the top 100 tours have risen 142 percent since the mid '90s. Besides tickets, what would G Ticket offer that Ticketmaster can't? Maybe email alerts about events coming to your area? News feeds about the industry? Some lower fees? That is the ticket.

G Ticket- rumor for now
Until a player like the rumored G Ticket comes along; concertgoers can find many ways to do stay away from Ticketmaster fees. Ticketmaster works directly with venues to sell seats. In that respect, it is one of the most reliable source. But then there's those fees. But online competition can drive down prices for buyers willing to sniff out deals. You'll nevertheless pay fees, but with just a little luck, you won't need a personel loans to see the show.

Avoid Ticketmaster fees
Thriving right now is the resale market for tickets. As outlined by the Associated Press, tickets become available on the resale market from smaller ticket brokers that list inventories online or from consumers who have tickets to an event they cannot attend. Some sites buy and sell tickets. The websites aren't breaking laws since they aren't selling at the event.

Ticket resellers have better deals
The resale market can help you discover good deals. StubHub is the biggest ticket reseller by a long shot and charges a 10 percent service fee. Other ticket resellers are found at RazorGator.com, TicketLiquidator.com and TicketNetwork.com. Prices and availability fluctuate. Check as numerous ticket resellers as you are able to find before buying and always factor in all of the service charges when you are shopping around. Ultimately, no one wants to eat their tickets, so if you take your chances and wait until the last minute, you'll discover the best deal around.

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