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Mayor Jackson

Today, I read about the Mayor's plan for sustainability in our fair city. He spoke well about a green city on a blue lake. What I did find interesting was how does he plan on doing this and how does he plan on sustaining our neighborhoods drowning in seas of controling, power hungry, discriminating and secretive community organizations such as CDC's, i.e. Tremont West Development Corp.

The end of the rope that ties the planners, the funders, the inspectors, the corrupt city officials and all of the other behind the scene players is tangled up somewhere in a web of what is called our local government.

In our community we have an organization that was created for the purpose of helping people and once upon a time it did just that - buy today it is under the thumb of a group of so called leaders that have labeled themselves with a superiority tag.

There is nothing so grand and fool hearted as placating oneself with such a degree of self importance that they must be revered.

The Tremont residential community is on the edge of a wipe out. This area was built on the backs of many poor, poverty stricken, hard working, minority and diverse people. Today, those people are feeling the crunch as the well-to-do developers, high-end bars/restaurant ownerss, and others with greater advantages move in and are handed the keys to the kingdom.

A TWDC By-Law Committee is currently attempting to draw votors out in favor of passing proposed changes to the current by-laws which have been in effect for 40 years. These new proposed regulations if passed will shift even more power away from this community organization's membership and into the hands of many with a self-serving agenda.

While some of the main changes revolve around the standing committee structures that will in essence discriminatly eliminate any resident membership participation, the present sitting committees members/chairs/co-chairs have no qualms in operating in a dictorial fashion.

The many conflicts of interest leaves little to be desired when resident participation is discouraged and even turned away. Some examples of these dogmatic practices are the Economic Development and Long Range Planning Committees. At the present time, we have a co-chair/ED/LRP, David Purpera that no longer lives in the community, two city paid employees that are not only board members but also chair/co-chair of committees. 1. Magistrate Lynn Murray, board member/TWDC treasurer and chair of TWDC's Finance committee (creating possible improprities) and board member Katherine Bulava, chair/ED/LRP, which said committee is highly influenced by TWDC Salary paid Staff member/developer/SII Development Director/Project Manager Sammy Catania.

Who will provide sustainability for the many long-time residents of this community that are being neglected, ignored and pushed out of this neighborhood. The elderly and poverty stricken citizens on fixed incomes are being dragged through the court system merely on the basis of peeling paint and loose gutters.

Where is their sustainability? Where is the social equality among the common people?

A green city on a blue lake? Mayor Jackson



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When Mayor Jackson became Revered Jackson

When Mayor Jackson became Revered Jackson, and Mayor Brewer became Revered Brewer, BY THE FOUNDATIONS, I knew their administrations were corrupt... it has been three years since, now There is nothing to revere about Jackson's administration, nor the power brokers who broke this economy with him as their figurehead.

I'm sure Jackson will care as little as White what they say about him in 4 more years, as he surely has a very large retirement account and a nice place to retire by now.

The only thing Jackson has sustained, around here, is the pollution of citizens and the jobs of incompetent other leaders like Mayor Brewer.

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Norm, Where do we go for


Where do we go for help?  The power brokers have suckered in all the "want- a - bes" to do most of their bidding and every single time you think you've found ONE ally in the thick of the crap, it only takes a very short time for a spell to be cast and then the newbie begins to think that he/she can become "king shit of turd island" and you're right back to square 1.

Last year I heard  declaration after declaration from the new candidates running for the TWDC Board of trustees and how they would work to bring about change within the organization and all I've been able to follow is the shit left behind.  They have been drawn in by smooth talkers and malarkey. 

When somebody ask me a question, I take it they want a true and honest answer - it has always been my opinion (and I'm very opinionated) that it you don't want to hear my answer - don't ask. - but once they open that can of worms, it's open season.

Reality is a bitch and in our neck of the woods, there are too many trying to pull back door schemes, feed you a spoon full of shit and make you think you like and  call it "good for the community."

I've heard so much about the "democratic process" over the past few weeks to choke on - in Tremont that process means you must nod in agreement. I was not born to "go along to get along," and if that makes me a "hatemonger" a "muckrucker" a "troublemaker" I guess I might as well wear the names proudly.  At least I'm not selling my soul to the devil.

I've been labeled as having a vendetta against Tremont West.  If that's what they want to call it - I guess. but that is not the case.  I have an aversion to poor people, people of lesser advantage, good people who work hard and try their best to hang on to some sense of well-being and pride being crushed under the heels of the high and mighty who call themselves "educated professionals" and insult the intelligence of those who have been educated by life's hard knocks. 






How many people can you get to help monitor and sue Mittal?

I think the citizens of Tremont must unite around the only thing that matters in your community, which is the pollution allowed to kill each and every one of you, day in and day out, rich and poor. As the rich are victims of this, they have reason to fight with the poor for all your rights. Unitied by that, you will find other common interests, as you rise up together.

Shut Down Mittal For Real.

And I know very well where to go for that - I just need your help organizing the citizens.

How many people can you get to help monitor and sue Mittal? In writing? We need grass-roots help.

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and to think...

it all started with Sandy Smith and Mr. Moss issuing clarion calls for "housing enforcement"...

THANK you, Jerleen.

If our leadership cared about housing safety...

We would not read in today's Plan Dealer

Cleveland near the worst on list of cities with unhealthy homes

We are brainwashed by the PD to believe certain "leaders" are good, and they are the worse ones, and cause the most harm.

We are so fucked!

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norm - f. without orgasoms - thats called rape

norm - f.  without orgasoms - thats called rape

yogi and guy

Great letter to Mayor Jackson

  This is a great letter.  Thank you Jerleen.

Clean it up for real


Thanks for posting Clean Up Mittal For Real

Seeing these diverse victims unified for this one cause is powerful. But it hasn't gone any where.

Mittal just reopened with as much or more pollution than ever, and it seems clean up activism is at a low point.

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not without a permit




If there was additional construction and added operational capacity, Mittal and previous owners may have failed to comply with the federal Clean Air Act standards and limitations. Section 113 of the Clean Air Act provides for civil penalties of up to $27,500 per day for each violation of emissions standards or limitations.

You cannot just increase the production….not without a permit.

If the new or modified source is located in a nonattainment area, the source must obtain a non-attainment area permit and offset emissions so that the nonattainment can further its progress toward becoming an attainment area.”



$291,087,500 in fines if the violation stands from 1980

They publicly admitted modifications


They publicly admitted that they added $75 Million in modifications....were are the offset emissions? 

If a permit was issued then the EPA has to be able to provide documentation of the offset emissions.

If they increased production in a nonattainment area then its not only a violation its actually corruption or ignorance on the behalf of the state EPA.

The offsets must exist and with a permit, and if modification were done in 1980 that’s a lot of data and then its also should apply to modifications in 2005.

It is a non attainment area, any modification require both a permit and offsets.