Grade schools need "Active Shooter" detection systems in the USA - progress?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/11/2014 - 22:37.

 Progress? or major Sickness?  

While the NRA and gun folks suck up to their profit and paranoia, the rest of us taxpayers fund the cost of total insane craziness...shooter detection systems in grade schools. 

We are cooked....

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Why isn't anybody speaking out? You can't out smart CRAZY

 Our society has slipped down, down, down -  into barbarianism. 

But nobody seems to have the resilience, the awareness, the say one peep.

What has happened in this country and around many other countries? 

50 years ago there were no school shootings.   50 years ago hand guns weren't everywhere.  

Today> Hand guns on the RTA, in the local bar, in the local school. 


Parents aren't speaking up.

Our legislative representatives are cowed and co-opted. 

Our corporations are innoculated and insulated. 

Shoot away're the new militia!

Thank you US Supreme Court!