Harveys, Weahrys and Russos, you must exlpain yourselves to Real Coop members

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 07/21/2009 - 07:33.

Adam Harvey, Amy Weahry and Tim Russo, acting as Blackheart Cleveland, you have acted to cause REALNEO and REAL COOP harm. I believe you are acting with intent, and you claim to be acting as one.

I have met Tim Russo and do not know that I have ever done anything to harm him. I have not met you other two, so consider you strangers.

In your attack against  REALNEO and REAL COOP, you make a series of inflammatory and inaccurate statements, that I challenge. I also challenge your social and ethical behavior, and I call you out personally to explain your actions, to the membership of REALNEO and REAL COOP.

Please accept my request to meet with the membership of REALNEO and REAL COOP, and explain your actions against us. Through REALNEO, REAL COOP members have contributed greatly to making this a better community, and many have supported me in my struggles to do the same,

I may be reached at norm [at] realneo [dot] us and will pursue this meeting until you respond and agree to explain your actions in person. Please let me know when you three are available and I'll invite the membership.

You do not have my respect,

Norm Roulet


Real Coop

norm [at] realneo [dot] us

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here's your explanation

we are commenting on what you write publicly.  and we are linking to it, within your site's rules, to let you know about it.  not complicated. 

now, if you want to break your own site's rules by banning our accounts, feel free.  i will remind you that i told you, in person, that your site's rules led to uncontrolled spewing of hate.  you can choose not to moderate that hate, and instead choose to ban criticism of your site, if you like.  at which point i will rest my case.

so tHAt's your agenda???

to spew enough hatred on this site that the members are forced to initiate a policy of censorship - at which point :

"at which point i (you) will rest my case."

ooopsy daisy - you let the cat out of the bag, Timmy....

very clever

yes, debra, you gleened my cunning plan from actually reading what i wrote.  genius! 

i think

it was more that you let it slip, Timmy.

Be more careful.