Hey Republican National Convention organizers - we are so rolling out the red carpet for you ! We're LOOKING GOOD!

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Here's the gateway to the ZOO ! You know, the number one tourist destination in Northeast Ohio!!! We made sure to keep everything "green" - the way our councilman prefers it! And, tell your friends: we bend over ass backward to accommodate for developers like Peter Rubin-Coral Group, the Ratners at Forest City, and Mitch Schneider. ENJOY the scenery :)


From 2011 - Garden Ave. The MOVIE!! 



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At night, we TURN on the lights!! Lots to see - come on down to our great town!!

Peter Rubin Coral Group, Rokakis, Cummins...

If anyone has any information on status of Brooklyn plaza - please give me an update.

As we have all seen - it looks like hell and there is only one anchor tenant - CVS. Peter Rubin-Coral Group let grass go early in the year and number of us sent emails to CLE and Rubin to address this - he is claiming some "hardship" - also, regarding loss of Aldis - from developer August Garfoli - I was told that Kidney dialysis center has put in bid for the former Aldis, which will leave historic Farnsworth building vacant - and still no access to decent grocery.   (See update below)

Garfoli and his partner have also bought old Brookside Center location and there is a daycare interested in the location - I cautioned him that this is not what we really need - especially, if ithreatens to undermine Archwood UCC Headstart. Also from Garfoli, Hickey, attorney who owns the historic (dilapidated) building across from Aldis - just recently also bought the barber shop across from McDonalds.

If ANY ONE knows where this is all going, please post here. 
All of this intel resulted from stopping in the Masonic Building, where Garfoli and his partner are renovating the former diner location to be a senior computing center run by One Community - this could be a positive - but we will have to wait and see (and it duplicates services already provided by the LIBRARY). So far, we still have nothing to replace needed services lost at the plaza (Best Cuts, Huntington Bank, Auto Parts) and the Aldis (fresh, affordable food) - Here is the press release on the senior computing center : http://connectyourcommunity.org/next-cyc...


Latest rumor - blood plasma operation, (quick cash for junkies) currently on W. 25th near new "housing" - will be moved to old Alids location - great ....