I sort of overdid my shopping

Submitted by Oldroser on Sun, 02/03/2013 - 02:07.

 The other day I went to El Carmen, where people go to offer their hand crafted goods for sale, giving more opportunity to spread out than at the main, huge market.

It was getting dark and closing time, so the vendors really bargained with me, offering even bigger discounts if I would buy one more piece. 

The purses were so pretty, I had a hard time deciding which to buy, so I bought several. In fact, I bought seven, giving one to my neighbor. 

I bought a 15 foot velvet scarf and am not sure how I will wear it, too long to be a shawl. The seller showed me that she had it twisted around her head to form a turban. 

I can't remember if I spent as much as an average of $15 each. The bead ring I bought later was for $4,  the silver ring with jade was a bit more.

 And this necklace, with a real, ancient Guatemalan coin, from a shop here was a whole lot more. 

 Then a few days later a street vendor at the Central Plaza kept insisting I buy a scarf, following me along as I walked away. I think I finally accepted a scarf for a bit less than $3. It was much wider than the others I bought, with a decorative border.

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We miss you so much...Thanks for sharing...

It's nice to see you are enjoying yourself there! God Bless you, Rose! We sure miss you! 


Huge hugs! Love the storage seat at the end of your bed...Beautiful treasures! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"