Bryght releases foaf.module

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 22:38.

Bryght releases foaf.module

With Bryght's release of the foaf.module, Drupal now supports the FOAFnet
spec. FOAF, short for "Friend of a Friend", is the only open format for
exchanging profile information, made popular by many social networking

Drupal has long been considered one of the leading
open-source content management and application frameworks. The addition
of FOAF capabilities and being able to synchronize profile information
between any other Drupal-powered sites makes it the logical choice for
building communities that include social networking features.

synchronization feature means that by creating and filling out profile
information on one site, a user can then use that login (based on
Drupal's distributed authentication) to automatically have the same
information appear on other sites without having to re-enter or update

Bryght's foaf.module enables:

  1. automatically importing/synchronizing profile information between any Drupal-powered sites
  2. importing profile information from external FOAF files
  3. exporting a FOAF file based on a user's profile

In addition, if the buddylist.module is installed, the exported FOAF information will also list your "buddies".

Congratulations to James for his hard work in developing this module, and special thanks as well to our supporters, CivicSpace Labs and Marc Canter.

Our public wiki includes a list of sites with the foaf.module installed - feel free to add your own to the list.