If They Can Do This In Boston, Why Can't We Do It Here In Cleveland???

Submitted by Charles Frost on Fri, 07/24/2009 - 07:23.


Solar Wi-Fi flowers create harmony between man, nature and machine
Neha Dutt | Jul 20 2009
Toyota’s drive of planting sun-powered Wi-Fi daisies in major cities of the US, as a part of national marketing effort for the 2010 3rd-generation Prius launch, is on heat. These solar flowers are representing the Prius theme “Harmony between Man, Nature and Machine.” These 18-feet-high flower sculptures provide for a comfortable place to chill out for 10 people at a time, allowing for free access to Wi-Fi and a means for charging cellphones, laptops and other gadgets. Powered by solar panels embedded at the back of the petals and the base of the stem of the flower, the solar station models the solar roof of the 3rd-generation Prius that will be using solar power to ventilate the interior when parked in the sun. The Prius solar flowers, after revitalizing Boston, are all set to campaign across in the US. These beautiful, attractive and eco-friendly statuettes have an intoxicating effect, providing all you freaks with a place to get closer to nature accompanied with your gadgets.


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Not nude biking....

but same sort of concept.

I posted earlier about the annual nude bike ride in Portland, Oregon and commented that it wouldn't happen here because we're too small minded. Someone countered that Cleveland was chosen (along with 75+ other cities)  for one of Spencer Tunick's nude mass photo shoots. I don't think thats quite what I meant... (heck they don't even mention Cleveland on the Spencer Tunick Wikipedia page) but I guess they just didn't get it.

I said in my post: Its diverse thinking that leads to progression; no evolution without deviation, and this town just aint got it, period. Small tight little minds. I still think that. Its this fear based mentality that keeps Cleveland retarded in its potential. We don't seem to try anything "new" until its been thoroughly tested (at which point it really isn't "new" is it?). Example - wind farms - Billy Mason are you out there???

That coupled with deeply corrupted governing bodies that apparently find it more important to place a friend or family member in a position, rather than someone who is qualified; or to grant contracts to companies that are willing to drop to their knees, rather than companies who will do the best job for the best price - that keeps Cleveland's wheels spinning. These things may seem small in and of themselves, but collectively they add up. We're walking, but we're moving backwards. Billy Mason are you out there???

I say this out of love - not to be a cynic, because we have sO much potential here.