Kathryn Kazol: Wanted for Tax Fraud

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What ever happened to Kathryn Kazol?? You remember KATHRYN don't you? For over 20 years she was the world famous Golden Girl of our local "news" organizations who religiously adhere to leftist talking points. Never once did any local "news" operation question EDEN's fraudulent property tax exempt status. Media praise was lavished on KK as the inaugural winner of the prestigious DAVID ROTH AWARD in 2011, given annually to the "non" "profit" that has most successfully abused the Cuyahoga County taxpayer by scamming the greatest amount of tax payer dollars for smallest benefit to the community. She's the retired con artist who defrauded Cuyahoga County out of over $60 million dollars in property taxes as the virtue signalling executive director of EDEN by illegally classifying EDEN's Section 8 and COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES as Land Use 6800. After all that fame and local “media” adoration Kazol has vanished without a trace.  Only 2 grainy out of focus photos remain on the internet. Perhaps she, like her successor and partner in tax fraud crime, Irene "Dollar Bill" Collins, are camera shy. And so they should be. During her reign at the helm of EDEN using over 30 variations and deliberate misspellings of the name, she built an enormous Section 8 FRAUDULENTLY PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT real estate empire ENTIRELY WITH HARD WORKING TAXPAYER FUNDS worth $50 million dollars by ILLEGALLY claiming the Land Use 6800 code. With a generous budget of $31 million per year from HUD and 3072 Section 8 vouchers, EDEN fraudulently pays ZERO taxes, thanks to the Scamster Soul Sisters Kathryn and Irene Dollar Bill Collins who hooked it up. Like other WHITE con artists throughout our glorious history, they hid their money making scams behind pretending to help poor black folks. And they ca$$$$$$$$$$hed in with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS.








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#Times Up for Kathryn Kazol and Dollar Bill Collins

As the 14 DTE 23Bs make their way from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office to the State of Ohio Department of taxation, a reckoning is coming.

2019 David Roth Award

The early buzz on the 2019 David Roth Award had Irene $$Dollar$$ Bill Collins as the odds on favorite. Continuing in the proud tradition of her mentor Kathryn Kazol, Dollar Bill continues to provide FRAUDULENTLY PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT Section 8 rent free housing for active drug users in struggling poor neighborhoods courtesy of the beleaguered hard working taxpayers. Dollar Bill Collins gets bonus points for living OUTSIDE Cuyahoga County in ALL WHITE Concord Township and therefore not paying ANY Cuyahoga County property taxes. But rumor has it that Rob Curry and Kathy Urban Mountebank are moving up on the inside track in the race as they abandon and illegally give away hundreds and hundreds of properties they got FOR FREE from HUD to “owners” who don’t pay their property taxes, all on the East side of Cleveland which is a desolate crime infested wasteland thanks to CHN Crime Partners. They now pursue property flipping on YOUR dime in upscale neighborhoods like PARMA and Old Brooklyn and Shaker Heights and pay NO TAXES on the capital gain. So at this point it’s anyone’s guess who will carry home the prestigious David Roth Aiguille D’Or on April Fool’s Day 2019. The ceremony will be held at the Plain Dealer ballroom. Stay tuned!

9891 Tanbark Trail Home of Dollar Bill Collins ALL WHITE CONCORD

9891 Tanbark TRAIL Concord Township in ALL WHITE CONCORD TOWNSHIP home of Irene $$Dollar Bill$$Collins who is the DEFINITION of NIMBYISM. Not ONE SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN HER BACKYARD. No drug addicts, no homeless people just upscale fabulous WHITE people like her and Mr. Dollar Bill. And three Asians. She’s all in for milking the impoverished taxpayers of diverse Cuyahoga County for her $250,000 paycheck and dumping crazed drug addicts in OUR neighborhoods as long as SHE doesn't have to actually live in Cuyahoga County. Her sham "charity" EDEN gets $31 million dollars ANNUALLY from HUD while fraudulently paying ZERO PROPERTY TAXES . Her hypocrisy is shameless and breathtaking. She’s a bigger con artist than Kathryn Kazol who at LEAST lived in Cleveland while cheating Cuyahoga County out of millions in property taxes....Collins has even abandoned her house in University Heights in 2017 because 20% of the residents are BLACK.  And it sits empty unsold and unoccupied.

Evidence submitted Cuy Cty + State-PD's George Rodrigue knows

Rob Curry Bails Out

”No time like the present” Rob Curry announced as he jumps the sinking ship at CHN Crime Partners. Did he jump or was he pushed? Enquiring minds want to know. At 63 Rob has NO PLANS to retire and he is looking for "new challenges" at a “non” “profit”. He will accept nothing less than a comparable Executive Dictator position that will pay him at LEAST the $140,869 plus $16,909 in "benefits" per year he was paid at CHN Crime Partners in 2016 per their IRS 990. This ALL but clears the way for Irene “Dollar Bill” Collins to carry home the prestigious 2019 David Roth Aiguille D’or. Her acceptance speech may have to be broadcast over Skype as Irene trades in the ALL WHITE paradise of 9891 Tanbark Trail in Concord Township for 3 hots and a cot at FPC Alderson. Hopefully she won't draw Crazy Eyes as a cellie. And there would be a certain symmetry as David Roth wrapped it all up at a Club Fed.

At a secret location

Kathryn Kazol is praying. To her Hitliary shrine.

GRIFTER Kathyrn Kazol

Ordinance No. 334-2024 By Council Members Hairston and Griffin (by departmental request) AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE Authorizing the Director of Community Development to terminate Housing Trust Fund HOME Contract No. RH65559 with Emerald Development and Economic Network, Inc. and to forgive the principal balance on the loan and to cancel the promissory note. WHEREAS, under Ordinance No. 855-05, passed May 23, 2005, this Council authorized the Director of Community Development to enter into agreements with various housing development entities, or their designees, to implement the Housing Trust Fund Program; and WHEREAS, under the ordinance, the City entered into Housing Trust Fund HOME Contract No. RH65559 dated April 7, 2006 under which the City loaned $47,000 to Emerald Development and Economic Network, Inc. (“EDEN”), to rehabilitate a building at 9830 Denison Avenue to provide supportive housing for persons with mental illness; and WHEREAS, the loan was forgivable at the end of the 20 year term; and WHEREAS, the five year term of affordability under the recorded restrictive covenant has ended; and WHEREAS, EDEN can no longer sustain its operations at 9830 Denison Avenue, and taking into account the homeless program services that EDEN provides to the City, including providing supportive housing for persons with mental illness, the City agrees to forgive the debt now on Contract No. RH65559 in the principal amount of $47,000 at zero percent interest, and to cancel the Promissory Note; and WHEREAS, this ordinance constitutes an emergency measure providing for the usual daily operation of a municipal department; now, therefore,

BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLEVELAND: Section 1. That the Director of Community Development is authorized to terminate Contract No. RH65559 with EDEN and to forgive the full loan debt, to release the mortgage and restrictive covenant, and to cancel the promissory note.

Section 2. That this ordinance is declared to be an emergency measure and, provided it receives the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to Council, it shall take effect and be in force immediately upon its passage and approval by the Mayor; otherwise it shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law. GEP:nl 3-25-2024 FOR: Director Hernandez