A Late Summer Night's Dream - Near a New England College Town

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 09/03/2011 - 21:05.


Story in progress...

The bats were out eating the fury flurry of mosquitos, the woods were alive with water noises from the brook.   

In the open field where there was still a touch of daylight the willy nilly gardens were bursting with pumpkins, sunflowers and ripe red tomatoes. 

Then by the pathside I noticed a man without any shirt, and a woman crouching on the ground.  The man ran away a hundred feet or so...and then turned in his tracks and came prancing right back to the woman - putting his hands on her shoulders as if to console her.  

How could he have his shirt off with the number of ravenous mosquitoes in the air?

Satyr I thought...must be a satyr...

The bats were swooping back and forth above the open meadow.  

It was a late summer night and quite warm..

You all right? I asked.

Not 100% she answered.

Magic and madness were afoot.

We walked on, observing...

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