Resource-Based Economy? Its Possible

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The Resource-Based Economy

Abundance is possible right now for everyone; however, very few people are aware of this fact.  When a large number of people finally know, giant steps can be taken to transition to the resource-based economy; its largely an educational endeavor.  Watch the movies Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist_Addendum at Then, please provide feedack.


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We are abundant - There is enough

When we think about our home--planet earth, we see abundance all around nature.  We are surrounded by vast expanses of land covered with lush flora and fauna.  We are endowed with endless oceans filled with an inconceivable diversity of lifeforms.  We look up and the sky goes on forever, with a warm sun shining down upon us that will last for aeons more.  And yet, somehow humans--particularly in the West--have created a mentally-binding, socio-economic construct, reinforced by religion, which contradicts this truth about inherent abundance and prosperity, trading that inspiring, liberating, belief of joy, in instead, for a belief in scarcity, terror, gluttony, waste and poverty.


What's the reason for this?

Is it because we fail to see the abundance in ourselves?

Everyone is a child to someone, so everyone knows what it means to lose someone.  And yet even our best and brightest wind up advocating for death, war and destruction...choosing to kill and instill fear, instead of nourish and love. 

Still in our hearts we know that war is not peace.

And while we have broke free from the physical chains of slavery many years ago, how is it that we find ourselves continuing to be enslaved, simultaneously hurting others we've decided deserving of persecution?

There is enough.

There is enough.

What will it take to learn this simple lesson?





It will take... the

It will take... the eradication of greed.