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The lead paint scam enforcement has been gaining traction over the last 2 years.  Landlords celebrating their determination not to file rental registration are my target. I talked to someone at the newly weaponized Building and Housing Department yesterday. The rentals in the worst condition with many violations are the most likely to be covered with lead paint dust. Inside and OUT. Plus you can't evict anyone without your rental registration AND lead clearance certificate. I personally think this is bullshit but if I have to do it EVERYBODY has to do it. 

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SCUM Landlords

Is the goal of the lead paint scam to drive private small landlords from the market? I got rid of all but one of my rentals. And that one is the proud owner of a lead free certificate. What with all the "mayor's" new team of overpaid consultants and a beefed up building and housing department will there be any money left to pick up trash and plow the streets once the scamdemic funds from Uncle Fed run out.

CHN Scumcrats

A musician friend lost his long rental at $400/month, because the CHN Nazis led by Rob Curry - forced the elderly landlord to sell.  This is how the Lead FREE CLE helps create more homeless people in NEO>

The "mayor" is to blame

The gestapo hired by Justine at B and H is responsible for this. Cleveland is the ONLY city forcing landlords into "compliance". Rob Curry is long gone from CHN Crime Partners. Unable to find another sweet gig he is running his own lead removal scam business. No worries Justine is on the road again panhandling on OUR dime and just scored a paltry $10,000 in supplemental welfare from DC to free marijuana prisoners. The "relief" is winding down, from $50 Million 2 years ago to $10,000. No mo' "free"bailout money from Justine's buddies Joebama and Pettie Bootygig. Meanwhile Medical Mutual and all their employees paying Cleveland income tax have abandoned their 70 year tenure in the Rose Building on Prospect and 9th for greener pastures AND FREE PARKING in Brooklyn. So when the welfare coffers in Washington have run dry this city will be TOTALLY BROKE. Cleveland has NEVER had a more useless AND at the same time DESTRUCTIVE mayor and I'm including Jane Campbell. So for those of you, the 17% of eligible voters all 32,000 citizens of you who voted for this sketchy nonentity who is dangerous and incompetent, enjoy. 

Process for snitching

Any landlord who has gone through this bullshit of lead examination and rental registration is very pissed off at half the rental property owners who are currently getting away with NOT doing it. So I spoke to one of the new Team Lead team at Building and Housing who told me there IS a process for reporting those in flagrant violation. YIPPEE!!!!!!! I'm ON IT!

Rachel Dissell

You know that this whole set up ^^^^ is bogus - so why do you not promote cleveland.housing.health?

Contact at city hall

I contacted the perfect person who will be happy to send out a non compliant letter to all landlords  Who will be fined and ultimately prosecuted in COURT for non compliance. 

Making my list and checking it twice…

MY Christmas list. The scum landlords with lead covered houses who skirt the law. Many of these properties are in Cleveland's most celebrated nayBOORhoods like Tremont and Deetroit Shoreway. And owned by the worst hypocrites college educated white lieberals who care deeply about leftist ideology UNTIL they have to fall in line. Hillary and Joebama Xiden voters always for the new left thing. Until it costs them money.  This will ALSO include the half of the city's rentals owned by LLCs MANY OUT OF STATE who are required to have an Cuyahoga County agent. And EDEN who owns a bunch of fraudulently property tax exempt pre 1978 rentals none of which have filed rental registration. AND bonus points! ANY landlord who takes an EDEN certified mental case isn't required to provide a lead free certificate. WTH. So for all of those who think this program ACTUALLY works this should make you super happy that the worst lead filled rentals will ultimately be brought into line. Just call me a bounty hunter. My reward will be seeing them squirm. This project should keep me busy till spring! At least.

If I have to do it EVERYBODY has to do it. For the children. Of course.

East Side West Side all around the town

I've started. 15 properties per day with no RR randomly selected and cross referenced with that link.cleveland.housing.health. it's very helpful. I don't know why whoever did that project which shows which properties do NOT have rental registration hasn't stepped forward to do this. But there you are. I'm guessing no more than 25% of rentals have filed rental registration. Surprisisingly although it's early SOME out of state LLCs have done it. 

LEAD Safe is a joke in CLE -





Of the $80 million in loans and grants mentioned by McDermott, $2.7 million has gone to landlords, according to Enterprise Community Partners. Even more striking, is that the dashboard shows only about 800 applications. 

Justine is a BIGGER JOKE

This is SUCH GOOD NEWS. Justine has fallen flat on his face once again. From rising crime and poverty his tenure has been a total disaster. His number ONE priority is driving private local landlords out of the market by hiring new enforcement officers to crack down/shake down the little guy. For this lead safe bullshit. And no one is complying. What WILL happen is that the remaining landlords (and I am happily NO LONGER part of this group) will find a way NOT to rent to tenants with children. It's not worth the risk of being prosecuted because the "parents" allow their kids to lick the window sills. Where did the rest of the $80 million go? 

Now that Justine has personally legalized abortion up to and after birth, what's next. Mandatory abortion? That would solve sooooo many of Justine's problems. If only those teens that shot up Public Square during the Christmas lighting ceremony had been aborted!