Letterpress before the web - how easy we've got it...

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Pliers, screwdrivers and Argo corn starch - if you wanted to get out your viewpoint - these were necessary to adjust the letterpress and make the paper slide through.   Just a few years back...
Gwen Frostic reproduced her images of birds, flowers, seeds, and weeds the Gutenberg way - lithographs on printing presses.
I was fortunate to meet Ms Frostic at her business in Benzonia, Michigan
We all need to keep in mind the ease of web publishing, and not take it for granted.   Maybe our penance should be teaching others to use the web to broaden its influence.
The Bank closed Gwen Frostic, not the web.   Funny, eh?




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Hey Jeff.   I learned the

Hey Jeff.


I learned the same thing, that Honor State Bank locked folks out of Gwen Frostic's shop in October. I'd been there earlier last year for the first time in many years, but visited annually when I was a kid and my family vacationed near there.

Those heidelberg windmill presses are magnificent machines.

I liked Gwen's images better than her writing.