Lightning Demolition

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 08/01/2010 - 16:04.

Garden Brainard Ave. Cleveland
Who owns Lightning Demolition?  The Metro North Block Club recently received the stone and soil you see here and
earthmoving assistance from Lightning Demolition. 

As reported in Inside Tremont, the garden received funding from "Neighborhood Progress Inc., Metrohealth, Charter One, Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins and support from Tremont West Development Corporation."

I am happy for the residents of Cleveland in the Tremont West Service area--but what about the Clark-Metro-Fulton-Brooklyn Centre folks???
Will we get this kind of assistance, too??  It's not exactly news that we like to garden over here.

And, we have two great existing community resource areas that could use this type of assistance--Art House and the Lincoln West High School and Meyer Pool area. 

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The stones are nice, but where did the soil come from?

The stones are nice, but where did the soil come from?

I'd ask your councilperson for lab tests on any local soil transported around Cleveland, as it is all toxic. Unless this was clean soil, they just delivered a curse.

I still wonder about the soil dumped by the County at Whiskey Island the year Ed died - it was so full of broken glass and other waste it was clearly toxic...

We are led by idiots and crooks - test that soil!

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You may want to check for syringes

You may want to check for syringes if it came from an East Side demo - 'cause it just looks like they are out avoiding landfill costs to me... and Claes found a diabetes syringe in our yard the other day..

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"Saving the Land?"

Just movin' the toxins around so sad.