Milking the Dead Cow

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Jim Rokakis has made his political career by milking his old neighborhood and now he has moved on to milking the entire county.

Putrid. But, wait!  STILL, an opportunity to be had!

Jim Rokakis has been sucking at the cow since his days in Cleveland City Council with his pal, Dennis Kucinich. The seventies were a turning point in local politics, when both of these men realized that the mob controlled NEO.

Then, the Community Reinvestment Act came along, and it provided the ultimate camouflage, A FRONT--a chance to make the mob look RESPECTABLE. 

Now, non-profits and community development corporations could be established, ad nauseum, to further milking the cow!

Our political servants could transparently serve their REAL masters--mob developers and GREED. 

The end of the story is not a happy one.  Notice: PD has disabled account for ItstimeforRICO:

ItstimeforRICO March 15, 2011 at 10:36AM


I'm glad that besides Cuyahoga Avenger that you also quoted Rich Cochran "We don't disclose our employees' salaries ever,", Sun of Self. Another 'public servant' that only continues to serve himself. Too bad that Rokakis didn't put all that energy, time and forsight into trying to have COMPETENT, QUALIFIED, HONEST and ETHICAL 'hires' at the BOR under his reign, perhaps the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County wouldn't of been fiscally raped for a couple of decades by Russo & Co. and VAS Enterprises. Not only were their members of their 'families, relatives, friends and donors club' well taken care of, but the commercial developers/owners made out like a band of thieves by millions upon millions of dollar$, on the backs of middle class taxpayers. I have been privy to knowing some of the salaries of these hotshots on these non-profit boards. When the former A-G was previously on a non-profit board, his salary was over 350, k a year. He probably knows where the l@l is.

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WRLC and Nature Conservancy

Following the corrupt model established by the Nature Conservancy--the Western Reserve Land Conservancy--in their emulation of the Nature Conservancy, hires Jim Rokakis.
From :
Paulson Pick Goes From Bad to Worse

“The Nature Conservancy is one of the most feared environmental groups throughout rural America,” said R.J. Smith, CEI Adjunct Scholar. “While promoting itself as a ‘private’ conservation group, small landowners, family farmers, ranchers and tree farmers know it as a strong-arm real estate agent for the federal government. It acquires land at fire-sale prices from landowners bankrupted by environmental regulations, then turns around and sells most of it to the federal government at inflated prices. The last thing America needs is more range and forest land for the federal government to mismanage and burn down.

See also:

New program expands land bank to other counties in the region

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 7:13 AM

Harlan Spector, The Plain DealerBy Harlan Spector, The Plain Dealer
See Washington Post coverage of Nature Conservancy:

Awhile back, Lily Miller exposed how "Land Bank" lots are only available to the right people--investor Carl Hirsch admitted that he visited REALNEO for over a year. 
How does one join the investment club??
(Sadly, this classic real estate flipping scheme, taken to the federal level, most likely drives the delusions of our perennial presidential candidate and his buddy Jimmy ...the napoleon complex taken to the extreme.)

Furniture stores

Ever wonder who buys furniture from the outfits you see in the City of Cleveland?  

Yeah, I wonder, too.

I wonder, too--how the City of Cleveland allows a tax delinquent, non-resident resident (Owner lives in City of Brooklyn) access and use of a City of Cleveland dumpster (3123 Mapledale).

Must be on the same CSU plan afforded our former Democratic Ward leader, peripatetic CDC employee and CSU instructor, Abe Bruckman.