My Day Job - Disassembling Radio Towers

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 09:36.

The big crane is a bit over 400 feet high.    This job involved the removal of multiple 375 foot high AM guyed radio towers.  AM is obsolete.  The cost for the big crane for four days is $160,000.  Just the one crane - not including the other small crane or the big rigging crew. Wow!   If you are feeling like you are getting out of shape from lack of exercise in the office you should consider working days as a rigger on tower dissassembly.   See the 3 riggers on the tower?  They are unbolting a tower connection and disconnecting the electrical conduit which supplied power to the FAA mandated red light at the top of the tower and supplied power to the top broadcast antenna.    The riggers climb up the tower to attach the crane cable and climb down the tower to dissassemble the tower.  Good exercise - You think?!  My Day JOB

AM broadcast has both a ground wave and an air wave.    A lot of energy is involved.   Take a look at this UTube video which visually demonstrates the electrical energy - and you can hear the broadcast!    

If you lived near an AM radio station you could hear the broadcast a 1/4 of a mile away when you were in your basement.    You didn't need a radio receiver, you could hear the words of the broadcast on the water pipes and heat ducts in the basement.    Seriously.  So what did this radio energy constantly bombarding your body do to you?  Cancer?   Today it's cell phone energy and wifi bombarding us.  I better post this before I loose my connection.  

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 Jeff: You should get a

 Jeff: You should get a medal!

For me, the best exercise, at the moment, is playing solo tennis (almost every evening) and walking for miles on end.

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