My rental in Antigua, Guatemala

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 Back home again, rented first floor apt. for $450 a mo, two bedrooms, one bath, totally furnished, even four place settings, blender, microwave, coffee maker, free wi-fi, cable, maid for a little over $6 a day.

People are very friendly, health care 1/3 the price of here, US trained, speak English. In fact they have "medical tourism."

 This is my front door.


 This is a column inside the house open to the sky. There is another, similar one, with a sliding door to it. It will have a fountain.


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More to come

Whenever I find the time. Missed my connection and had to stay overnight in Miami. Have a cold and tire easily. Also lots to do! 


Thanks for the pictures. Your rental is darling! I love the courtyard!

Photos from your trip

Thanks for the photos--hope that the trip persuaded you to stay in the USA :) The roses are doing well.

Antigua and famous lake further north famous for Spanish

Spanish language schools, that is. They say that learning a new language helps keep Alzheimer's away. I had Latin in high school, Italian in college, so hope picking it up won't be too onerous. I did manage without it, however. Educated Guatemalans start learning English in grade school, and every year thereafter have a course in it. Unfortunately, here, learning a language is a "frill."

Glad the roses are doing well. 


Your new home looks great

I know that you are thrilled and I wish you the best. I hope that the dogs will adjust well, and that they do not have to spend time in isolation (as required by some countries).

A question about the health care: obviously, here in the US you have Medicare. What is the health care policy of your soon to be new home?

 No quarantine for the dogs

 No quarantine for the dogs. I went to the (great, state-of-the-art hospital where I took a previous, paralyzed dog for acupuncture, she got well with no surgery) vet in North Ridgeville for filling out Guatemalan certificate and international APHIS form, express mailed to USDA vet in Pickering, OH with prepaid express mail envelope for them to send on to Chicago Guatemalan consulate, with prepaid express mail envelope to send them back to me. They tell me not to book any flight until I get them back.

George, the ever-so-helpful N.Y. ad executive whose job was no longer fun so has been in Antigua five years and has his own travel agency, says his health insurance is $80 a month. He will introduce me to his insurance agent.

Many doctors US trained, speak English, some even do house calls for around $25-35, procedures 1/3 the price of here, hence the "medical tourism." Some people don't even get health insurance since everything is so cheap. Medicare does not cover you outside the US, but I will keep it and secondary and probably prescription Medicare despite the high cost, which goes up a lot yearly, in case I later decide to come back. 

I know from living on Okinawa years ago, and loving it, that you are homesick at first and have to get over that. It takes six months to a year to really know how you feel about a place. Lots of people spend half the year there, half the year in the US, like Florida "snowbirds." 

Even if my house here doesn't rent right away, I will be saving money. A French manicure and French pedicure was $15. They took a lot of time over it to, exfoliating my hands and feet and rubbing different oils in. I never had a pedicure here and seldom a manicure. 

Filet mignon with Bernaise sauce at an expensive French restaurant was over $20, but other meals ran around $3-7, with large portions so I always took doggie bags of food back to the hotel. Very healthy with the freshest of vegetables and fruits. Pineapple so much tastier than what you buy here. I lost 9 pounds in 10 days, despite eating well. Some lattes and frozen yoghurt were pricy at around $2.50-$3.00. They have all kinds of restaurants, sushi, bagels, didn't make it to the Lebanese restaurant whre they have belly dancing, their coffee is famous, so I had that everywhere, the best was right across from my hotel at a bakery-deli-chocolatier-restaurant, great cheesecake, in big slices, too. Saw a Burger King, but I didn't go in. Lots of places have buffets on the weekend. Didn't make it to salsa lessons, since I was too buy trying to find a place to rent. I went to the artisan market, where I bought gifts: backstrap loom woven material with "complex weft float and wrapping techniques," hand embroidered purses and clothes, well made leather purses and hats (even cheaper at markets in the towns that produce them), woven hammocks. I was too tired to spend a long time at the market or artisan stores, but did buy a bunch of woven scarves, hammock, woven blanket, embroidered purses for around $45. They bargain. I say "too much," and the bargaining begins. Bargaining is expected. A suede leather hat would have been $20, but were all too big for my head.

Depending on when documents come back from the consulate, I am shooting for leaving the 28th. Don't forget to stop by for the rose cutting I grew for you of Variegata di Bologna, the striped Bourbon rose, only blooms once, but worth it.

I highly recommend the place. Everyone I spoke with who had been there described it as paradise and wanted to return.

Realneo Community-scattering,dispersion,diaspora is healthy

 Without knowing at least two points on the surface of the globe - one is living without any compass - living basicly blind.  

Yes, Oldroser,

And I have heard from a wise person - if you don't have a few points on the surface of the globe to navigate by and to make comparisons - you might as well be numb = spelled also with a "d".

Knowing what you really feel  - requires a vocabulary of various, different feelings.  

The same is true for what you think.    You need to know the thoughts which you have made more distant, and the thoughts which you hold tight.  

And you can't really know what you think is "right", until you know what you think is "wrong". 

So, go.

I believe that travel establishes the most important element in civility.   Humility.

Which reminds me: If I was (really) in charge, I would establish a global, mandatory, high school age student exchange program.    Between the age of 13 and 17 every child on the earth WOULD HAVE TO LIVE for 9 months on another continent from where they grew up.

OLDROSER, you are our embassary, you are describing for us another compass point.

And I love that Latin food!







Where is the "like" button?

Like everything that you wrote, JBuster.

And, Anita, you can post from your new city! Love to hear feedback on their take of the US, as well as life there.

Yes, can still post as wi-fi is everywhere

 My apartment has free wi-fi, and cable tv. Lots of internet cafes, the central park even has free wi-fi, as do most restaurants. Couldn't receive in my room, but in courtyard outside my room I could receive a signal.

Yes, can still post as wi-fi is everywhere

 My apartment has free wi-fi, and cable tv. Lots of internet cafes, the central park even has free wi-fi, as do most restaurants. Couldn't receive in my room, but in courtyard outside my room I could receive a signal.

OLD ROSER: Antigua Guatamala...EARTHQUAKES....Any Commo?????

Guys, OldRoser returned to Guatamala around 11/10/12...She posted on her FB page....but no commo since...has anyone heard from her?????? Apparently there was an earthquake there.....UPDATES REQUESTED...............................


Roser....My loving and amazing friend...please post an update and let us all know that you all are well.....We love and miss you more than words can say....May God Bless You with safety from all these storms....Please let us know. Huge Hugs from each and every one of us....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Roser...we r praying u r safe....see eartquake info here.

See info about earthquakes here.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

ROSER IS WELL!!! God Bless Her!

Received the following via Facebook from Roser...

"I wrote a long email to Laura to post for me, still email problems. Am fine and so is Brody. He ignores the little white poodle who keeps trying to get him to play with her, too any new smells, in the house he is busy humping his new loofa toy. Love to all, will communicate more once I get a decent interment connection and get my laptop in shape. I think the sale of many of my things is this Friday and Saturday."

She also posted this:

Residential development Barrio de Antonelli is located in San Bartolomé Becerra,...
only a few minutes away from Central Antigua. Its secluded perfect location provides beautiful views of the volcanoes and natural scenery.

See More



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"



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Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

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