Old Lincoln High on Scranton and other Clark Avenue Historic Photos

Submitted by RAG on Fri, 12/04/2009 - 12:12.
Old Lincoln High on Scranton Road

Clark Avenue and Scranton Historic Photos

Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont
RAG - Resident Advocacy Group


thanks for the photos of the old structures

It is very nice of you to post them. Please continue. 

RAG is great

Your photos remind us of the great institutions and infrastructure that once kept this community together.  It's hard to believe that we allowed this great building and bridge to be destroyed.  I was probably around ten years old when all of this terrible stuff happened.  I can remember thinking that the end of the world was near then.  And, we got a reprieve.

Lincoln West High

  A reminder that the District would have the current Lincoln West High School demolished and rebuilt---AGAIN.  I used the indoor track this past week. 

The afterschool community program is well-attended and appreciated.  Mondays are heavily attended because the gym features basketball and the pool is open for water aerobics 6:30-7:30.  The pool needs a lifeguard for Wednesdays and Thursday lap swim times.   Wednesdays the gym has soccer and Thursdays is women-only basketball.  There is a weight room and other class offerings as well. 

In other neighborhood news--I drove by St. Procop tonight (on the former Sedon Ave., now West 41st St.) and noticed that the Diocese has all the windows boarded, which probably indicates that the interior has been completely stripped. 

What ever became of the Cleveland City Council effort to landmark church exteriors and interiors...


St Procop

McShane, to best of my knowledge, nothing has been removed from Procop's.  The windows are still there underneath the boards.  It seems they moved back the removal to let things cool off, the Diocese not wanting another neighborhood confrontation.  One of my friends owns the company that does most of the glass removal so I'll know in advance.  The board-ups look like sad eyes watching, waiting to see what will happen.  Kate


 Once, I visited a rectory with my father and saw priests sitting around playing cards and smoking fat cigars.  The image has never left me.

Why do we never hear from Councilman Cummins?? His new BFF Kevin Kelley boasts the achievements of the Sweeney-led council today in the PD.  

Kevin is no doubt waiting for the perfect foreclosure opportunity in Bay Village, so he can move his family to the promised land.