Paul Alsenas motions for Ed Hauser

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 22:12.

This isn't today's image, but it is a good image none the less. 

Ed's passing was just a year ago, the Port Authority is in flames, so it might be a good time to capitalize on those in the County who have a decent, honest vision. 

Ed was certainly one.

And, I believe, Paul Alsenas is another.

He looks good on May 16, 09 with Peter Griesinger and other civically concerned and committed citizens in this rainy image, anyway.

(tip: they are discussing the potential pedestrian bike way over the CSX tracks to Whiskey Island Park)

What about it MetroParks, you gonna take over the Whiskey or what.   Please. 


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Other than at Ed's funeral and Hauser Way

I haven't seen much of Paul, since the powers that be killed the visioning for the southern bridge alignment.

It was like from day to night that a voice for progress was silenced.

Disrupt IT

Has House Mortgage probably....

You're right Norm, just trying to draw the few honest Cuyahoga employees out. 

Maybe we will, maybe we won't. 

What did Michael Wager say?

Benign Complicity?