REALNEO: Down for System Upgrade Tonight

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 17:18.

I spoke with Robert Scales, RainCity Studios' founder and CEO, here at DrupalCon yesterday, to tell him how great the folks at Bryght, -- our host, recently acquired by RainCity -- have been.

I also explained our limited budget and that I've been looking into other hosting options. After some conversation he generously offered to move us up to their next tier of VPS hosting, gratis.

Bryght/RainCity will be handling the upgrade at 11pm EST tonight. Please expect about an hour of downtime.

If you're looking for reliable, professional hosting for your Drupal site(s), please check out Bryght!

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No doubt - Bryght is excellent - THANKS!!

That is really wonderful news - thanks to you Jeff and to Robert and all the people at Bryght who have made REALNEO possible over the years. Glad you are all able to connect there.

Disrupt IT


  You are a skilled negotiator on behalf of REALNEO.  Kudos to Jeff and profound gratitude to RainCity!


Thanks, but it really wasn't a negotiation.

I explained the nature of our organization and budget, and that I've been looking elsewhere for hosting that we can fit into better, and he offered. Orgs like us are not really RainCity/Bryght's bread or butter, but hopefully we can help drive that sort of traffic their way: they deserve it.

Back up...

Upgrade is done!

If anyone you know is having trouble getting to the site, suggest they flush their DNS cache.

Thanks again to all the Bryght/RainCity folk!