sammy catania how much did you profit money as board president & development manager of tremont west development & contractor

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sammy ross catania, & your brothers - how much money did you make as  board member & president, now development manager of  tremont west development corporation, & business owner contractor built townhouses in tremont etc.,??


Tremont townhomes fill trio's plate.

Crain's Cleveland BusinessJune, 2002   by Mortland, Shannon

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The owners of the Sixth Street Market in the Warehouse District downtown soon will have another item to add to their list of goods for sale - a series of townhomes they are building in Tremont. Brothers Tommy, Ross and Sammy Catania are building between 19 and 26 upscale townhomes, Sammy Catania said

They will break ground this week on Literary Avenue in the first of three phases of the for-sale townhomes, he said. ``We're going to actually wrap around the block,'' Sammy Catania said. ``Our next focus will be on West 5th Street and West 6th Street.'' When complete, the two- ...


sammy ross catania, can't be president of the board of tremont west development corporation, (he resigned) and development manager now of tremont west development corporation and sell real estate and have a construction company, too - built townhouses in tremont, etc., - editorial

tremont quest @ truth news - Sunday, August 03, 2008-
catania,  can't have it both ways.

catania, cannot own and operate an active, profitable real estate construction company business for the last three years and now  he  resigned  because of conflict of interest as president  of the board of directors, of tremont west development corporation,Tremont West Development Corporation.  The appearance of impropriety and the potential for abuse are just too obvious.

its been reported (catania, confirmed he was resiging) sammy catania, was forced to resign because of conflict of interest as president  of the board of directors, of tremont west development corporation,Tremont West Development Corporation | 2406 Professor St., Cleveland, OH 44113 | 216-575-0920 , (all the great employees are very wonderfull) -a non-profit corporation, that receives federal, goverment, funds and does local fund raising-catania, was forced to resign because of conflict of interest - catania is a licensed contractor, and its been reported that he used his position as board president,  to make money for himself and his friends-

now  sammy catania, has applied for the newly created  "development manager" position at tremont west development corporation, which pays $50,000.00 plus benifits a year and  its been reported that he is assured to get the job although there is 60 appicants - catania is on tape at tremont community meetings calling some people " low life sleez bags"  and other disrespectfull names and is known to be crtiical of poor people and other persons that disagree with him -  catania is  critical rather than seeking solutions -catania has an anger managment problem- is catania going to make much more money for himself and his friends with million dollar projects that he could be in charge of- and with other board members of t.w.d.c.- its beens reported that the development manager position was created just for catania after catania paid to play - buddy system - favors influence.

Someone who sun-moon lights by buying and selling real estate and doing construction shouldn't be anywhere near a job that gives him influence with real estate and construction jobs.

catania, cannot continue serving two masters - the public and himself.

He must choose one or the other, and he must do it now.




Russo can't set Cuyahoga County land values and sell real estate, too - editorial

cleveland plain dealer, Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo can't have it both ways.

Russo cannot own and operate an active, profitable real estate business at the same time he is charged with setting the taxable value of every parcel of land in the county. The appearance of impropriety and the potential for abuse are just too obvious.

He must resign as county auditor or give up the real estate business. If he does not, the county commissioners or the county prosecutor should summon a wee bit of leadership and demand that Russo do right by the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County.

That Russo would preside over such an active real estate business, as described in detail Friday by Plain Dealer reporter Amanda Garrett, is appalling - so much so that it has attracted the interest of federal agents investigating Russo and his sidekick, Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

The value the auditor's office places on real property is important because property owners pay taxes based on that valuation. Someone who moonlights by buying and selling real estate shouldn't be anywhere near a job that gives him influence over the fair market value of real estate.

Consider the case of Ferris Kleem, owner of Blaze Construction Co. in Berea, whose office was raided by federal agents as part of last week's massive FBI and IRS sweep. Russo's office has set the market value of Kleem's 4,000-square-foot home on a wooded lot in Berea at $255,000 - the same price Kleem paid for it 13 years ago. A smaller house across the street is valued at $404,200.

Russo cannot continue serving two masters - the public and himself.

He must choose one or the other, and he must do it now.

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Be careful Guy.  They'll

Be careful Guy.  They'll nail your hide to the wall.  I ask Mr. Catania a question at the Long Range Planning Committee last Thursday and got blasted.  He came on the attack slinging slurs that I didn't pay taxes and didn't own my own home.  He must have an affliction with renters.  Wonder how he feels about the Councilman, he's a renter now. 

I was even told that I couldn't be a member of that illustrious committee because I do some voluntary writing for the Plain Press. 

They all have their knickers in a twist because the April article will be covering the parking deficit of the retail district in Tremont and "transparancy" will have a whole new meaning after that.

My collaborating with Henry seems to have done some unnerving  but for technical help and support there's no better - he's like a real live library with a logged in card file on auto pilot.   However, I need to clear it up for a few, I knew my way around City Hall as well as a few other places long before most of them ever thought of moving  to Tremont. 

Even Good buddy Chris Garland has begun to show his true colors.  Somebody needs to give him a lesson in US Mail 101.  He so kindly responded, to a request for documents I sent, with a letter on Tremont West stationary, addressed it to me, worte personal and confidential on the letter, gave me the heave ho about how dishonest he thought I was, that I was reprehensible, and that my peer journalists should be disgusted and, in his last line, made it clear that I did not have his permission to reproduce any portion of the letter in any fashion.

He put a US stamp on the TWDC envelope  addressed to me and dropped it in a US mail box.  What part of it now belongs to me does he not understand.  I can copy that letter and post it anywhere I wish.  These are the leaders we have at Tremont West Development Corp.  The only participation they want is "Rubber Stamping."

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I don't blame Sammy Catania. The blame lies with those in charge

The people that are in charge of community development - the same folks turning a blind eye - are the ones at fault here.  Sammy Catania is just doing what any other developer would do - develop. Problem is that he is a private developer in the same area in which he is a paid developer for Tremont West Development Corporation.  That is a problem.  The problem is often referred to as a conflict of interest. 

Catania has built numerous homes in the Tremont area selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars - and collecting a tax payer funded paycheck at the same time for his duties as a paid developer for a community organization - TWDC- located in the exact same area in which he is privately developing.

 Question of the Day?  Why did Sammy Catania offer to buy Frank Giglio's property prior to the demolition?

It is a major conflict of interest when TWDC targeted and insisted on demolishing Frank Giglio's home - and then an employee/developer of TWDC offers to buy the property prior to demolition.


The following is part of an interview with Councilman Joe Cimperman which also details another conflict of interest with TWDC:

INTERVIEWER: " What building code standards exist for Tremont residents, who enforces them, and who inspects the residents homes? "

JOE CIMPERMAN:  (in part)  "I have a person who works specifically for me, her name is Katie Huff.  She is my code enforcement person.  She links up with all of the block clubs, local development groups, and the inspectors."



Why is a code enforcement person - who obviously targets alleged code violators - also meeting with developers?

Is she code enforcing in certain areas in which the developers are interested in developing, and then updating the developers on the City's plans to get rid of the code violators to make room for upcoming development?

read the interview in its entirety here

It is a waste of tay payer dollars to hire a code enforcement officer for community development while we have inspectors that are employed with the city's building and housing department.  Ed Fitzgerald needs to take a good look at the waste of our tax dollars for these community development corporations. 

The community development corporations are well known for their abuse, such as the Afford A Home scandal , Councilman Polensek receiving a loan from Collinwood Nottingham Development  in which he purchased a home, and numerous other issues with the community development corporations.

If those in charge of the community development organizations are incapable of performing their job duties, get rid of them like Fitzgerald did with Klaiber, Miller, Forkas, and the others. 

How long will the abuse and waste continue? 

How many community development organizations does a dying city need?

catania is in charge = pay to play = money = mafia = murder

Katie Hough is not a code

Katie Hough is not a code enforcer.  She has no powers to write citations.  Cimperman sends her out to find violations and report them to the inspector who then goes out and writes the citations.


Why pay a middle man- or woman?

Why waste tax dollars to hire so called "code enforcers" when we already have code enforcers hired by the City of Cleveland - the inspectors?  Why waste money on hiring folks to find violations and then report them to the inspector?  Seems like a logical solution would be to cut out the middle person and have the councilperson deal directly with the building and housing department -like they used to do.  The community development corporations sure find lots of ways to waste our money. 

The city has way too many council persons as it is.  The city's population does not justify the numerous council members and it does not justify the numerous community development organizations either.

It is a waste of time and money dealing with a middle person. 

How many lead poisoning violations did she report?

How many lead violations did she report? How much valuable community awareness did she share? Tremont has significant lead poisoning... Cimperman refuses to address that... what about his goons?

If they were to spend money on any inspectors in Cleveland (public or private) it should be for lead inspections and monitoring of environmental injustice - not checking for proper curtains.

So what did this expensive development tool report to the City of Cleveland - lead poisoning issues or bullshit?

Northeast Ohio Not Committed To Lead Poisoning Eradication

2008 Lead Poisonings of children in Cuyahoga County, Ohio - do not move here

2008 Lead Poisonings of children in Cuyahoga County, Ohio - do not move here

The Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council has released data on children in the neighborhoods of Cleveland and surrounding suburbs who were tested and documented as lead poisoned in Cuyahoga County in 2008 - about 3,200 of our Cleveland children were KNOWN to be lost to lead poisoning - about 4,000 children poisoned in Cuyahoga County overall. As only a small percentage of our children are actually tested for lead poisoning, the numbers of children in the County lost to lead poisoning is much higher... 1,000s of victims higher.

Cleveland's worst known mass-murderer, Anthony Sowell, is only known to have killed 11 people.... yet that has captured 1000s of inches of pointless newsprint... hours of pointless news coverage... to help nobody.

Lead poisoning is barely ever mentioned in mainstream media as a problem in this highly contaminated region - raising awareness of this would help save 1,000s of children from lifetimes of suffering and lost opportunity for normalcy.

As such, the mainstream media is complacent if not conspiratorial in these 1,000s of poisonings. The leadership of these media organizations are personally responsible for this harm caused to citizens, who support the media by buying their flawed products. For shame.

The politicians responsible for the lead poisoning of over 4,000 children per year are far more serious criminals, yet they are not prosecuted for their crimes.

I expect they shall rot in hell, but that may be difficult to prove.

What is easy to prove is that in communities with competent leadership lead poisoning is entirely preventable.

Northeast Ohio has horrible leadership, and has for long enough to have poisoned 100,000s of our children, and destroyed our public health and economy.... all to help the interests of a few people who were responsible for covering the Earth in lead, and their lawyers.

If You Are A "Politician" In Northeast Ohio Not Committed To Lead Poisoning Eradication, You Must Resign.

There is considerably more lead poisoning data you never saw before linked as attachments below - look up your neighborhood and then your political leaders and thank them for killing our children and economy - or attack them for that... your choice, citizens.

I'm attacking them for lead poisoning my family until they are ALL GONE, and lead poisoning is truly eradicated here for all, forever.

The current local standard of 5mg/dl to indicate lead poisoning is still way to high, and no amount of lead is safe or normal in a child's body - average ambient childhood lead poisoning levels should be well below 1mg/dl, as caused from broad environmental pollution alone. Anything higher is the results of source point dangers in the child's personal space, and preventable with good community awareness and activism.

We have not had good community awareness and activism about lead poisoning here, and you see the results, as real as may be.

Our political "leaders" should stop wasting citizens' time and money trying to fix the education and crime problems here, if they aren't serious about solving our greatest crime... the lead poisoning of 1,000s of our children.

Disrupt IT

TWDC Staff members does

TWDC Staff members does Councilman Cimperman's bidding.  If he says jump -they say how high.

If I am not mistaken he created the job just for Katie.

Very good POINT...

pencil point too...and  children on their knees and chewing on the window sills...and babies standing up to look out the window chewing on the sill..."Poor children and babies.  Do you realize "how many children chew their pencils"?  The lead base paint...oh so SAD.

Not to mention tax payer's

Not to mention tax payer's dollars fund this middle spot.


Folks, there is a lot more to these stories and the yellow brick road leads right up to Joe Cimperman's door.  Within the next few weeks quite an unveiling will take place.  Just stay tuned.

 Remember all those cameras the Neighborhood Connections Grants paid for?  Guess what folks - it recently came to our attention that only three (3) of the 16 cameras in Tremont actually work.  The others either just don't work or either not connected.

Remember my posting about all those "inflated" estimates for the cost of the cameras and the installation?  TWDC has the system set up in their office but if no cameras are working - where's the money?  Neighborhood Connection handed out a number of grants in the sum of $5,000 each to Tremont block clubs for the purchase of said cameras - I personally know that one of those bills was inflated to approx. $24,000.

You be the judge.





Complaint Driven City Inspectors...Gravy Jobs...

Hey guys...year 36 of the same old crap.... what you going to do when they come for you????

There's nowhere left to run for the residents for help...They have folks cornered... Keep watching their master plans..... figure out whether you are included in one of their development schemes!!!


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Big Brother Watching?...

You invited "them" to know...where you  live...who lives with you and how many persons live with you...the great census; also, all the cameras are already on the highway...look up at those "poles that look like toothpicks with a ball on top"...the ball is the cameras...but, it is for"our safety".....                                                       

Merging Ohio City and TWDC

Word on the street would have Tremont West merged with Ohio City.  I am so tired of the machinations behind CDCs.  Residents have
no real say in how the money is spent.  All by design.

CDCs have become fronts for organized crime aka "developers."  The ultimate goal is to not pay taxes in Cleveland.  Leave that to someone else. 

Vote NO on the Port Authority levy and a resounding NO on the School Levy--take back our community from the carpetbaggers.