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 I am worried for Cleveland.  Major  American cities, like Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Dallas,  have networked capacity-- attracting young problem solvers and shared prosperity.  

Cleveland does not.
How does Cleveland's digital profile look compared to other cities?  We have an opportunity to define ourselves for the next generation, born digital, in the connected age.  Are we ready?
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CLE needs to end Educational Disparity

I recently saw in FB post - a couple congratulating themselves on spending tuition for a quality PRE-K experience - the $ pay-off ?  Their kid got into a high-quality charter school - Menlo Park in Cleveland.

I am happy for this couple - but what about the kids whose parents aren't playing the education game?  

The LRNG concept goes against educational advantage.  It is getting push-back in many parts of the country, I think, because it goes against the competitive mentality our society THINKS drives American ingenuity and the "American way."  I also think that it undermines our whole higher education system that depends on elitism.