Shut down Clark Field

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Kiddy Park on toxic waste dump

Last summer at the dog park in Clark Field rumors circulated about soil samples having been taken by the City of Cleveland health department. Several long time park visitors were expecting the park to be shut down because dangerous toxins had been found throughout the field. The city of Cleveland shut down any questions about these results, keeping the high levels of toxins found there a secret. What exactly are the plans to remediate this toxic waste dump which is home to many weekend sporting leagues, some of which were told to stay out of WC Reed Field because of terrifying health problems that could occur. Clark Field was a dumping ground for nearby Republic Steel and Harshaw Chemical and in many areas of the park, the soil is so poisonous that grass does not grow. Why hasn't the city of Cleveland called in the EPA to remediate this very dangerous public park when they were so quick to shut down the grass covered WC Reed Field and install an 10 foot fence around the perimeter to strike fear among the residents of Brooklyn Centre? There is a nearly new children's playground in Clark Field. Was that soil tested prior to installing the playground equipment. If not why not? If it was why are the results being kept from the public? Are these children, with the complicity of the city of Cleveland Health Department, being subjected to high levels of carcinogens like arsenic, polyvinyl chloride and many PAHs, which are very dangerous when ingested. Why is nothing being done to protect the users of Clark Field? Where is the Cleveland Health Department? Where is the EPA?


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Shut down CLARK Field

Residents in "unviable" Brooklyn Centre - wonder, how is it that Tremont's recreational field - Clark Field - has not been shut down and condemned, yet??  

Here is the condition of their turf:

And below is the turf at WC Reed Field - an obvious favorite with the Canada Geese who you will not see at Clark Field -BECAUSE the grass there IS TOXIC - 

Given a choice - where would you prefer to play SUNDAY football??  Below image is lush turf at WC Reed Field - before it was shut down by City of Cleveland - so they could cash in on the CERCLA monies that should instead be applied to Clark Field: