Start Fresh in September at Cleveland Public Library

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September is an opportunity to “Start Fresh” at Cleveland Public Library (CPL) to allow patrons the ability to return overdue books and materials free of fines for the entire month.

“These are difficult economic times and this initiative gives our patrons an opportunity to bring their overdue books back without embarrassment, and encourages them to come back to the library,” said Felton Thomas, executive director of CPL. “Library books that are not returned cannot be used by others in the community.”

Patrons can return overdue books and materials to any branch between September 1 and September 30 free of fines, no questions asked. Patrons owing fines on previously returned materials can pay 50% of the balance and the remaining 50% will be forgiven.  The goal of this initiative is to promote the return of much needed library materials and to prepare patrons for a materials recovery program that is set to begin in October. The materials recovery program is being adopted as a way to recover lost materials that perhaps could not be replaced due to drastic budget cuts within the library. Patrons with library cards in good standing by October 1 will have the opportunity to continue checking out books, using the computers, and other library services.

September is also National Library Card Sign-Up Month, and Cleveland Public Library and schools community-wide are encouraging every student in

kindergarten through 12th grade to register for a Greater Access Library Card.

For more information about the Start Fresh initiative, please contact the Lending Department at (216) 623-2872. For Start Fresh brochures or bookmarks for distribution, please contact Marketing at (216) 623-2869.

Lost library books and high fines can keep kids away

This is great! Lost library books and high fines can keep kids away from the library... I'm sure adults too.

I lost 2-3 library books as a kid and that kept me away from the library for years... librarians were like old marms in Shaker at least, when I was growing up... very frightening... glasses on chains and all - I finally found the lost books after a decade or so I believe when I was painting behind a radiator, like in high school... I think I owed more than the value of the book by then, so they got that plus the book back.... 5 cents a day per book fine I believe.

Just in time as I really needed the library for research then (no internet... just card catalogs and stacks) - especially the downtown branch special collections... they have some cool historic stuff... you couldn't check any of it out and I imagine still can't now, but you could view and copy it in the library... helped me write some cool papers on obscure stuff like the Role of Hemophilia in the Fall of the Russian Royal Family

The downtown branch also had the coolest collection of chess sets...

The most innovative thing the Shaker library had going on was LPs you could check out, which I did to record to cassettes (although all they had was classical and jazz - good jazz) - I think they had story hours too - ah the good old days

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