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Pacific Electric had over 500 miles of inter urban track in Los Angeles in the early 1900's.  The image shows the "Red Cars" stacked for sinking in Los Angeles Harbor - sunk austensibly for "fish habitat", but really sunk for General Motors Corporation profit.

Today - February 2012 - President Obama (who I support) touts GM - more car sales - back from the brink of bankruptcy - but - let's be honest - more car sales means the products we produce are crap - cuz our population isn't increasing much.  

We are still being spun.   

My dad rode the Red Car as a kid.   

You can read about the automobile lobby which dismanteled the Red Car here.

So that was then.  What about now?

Has our capitalistic/"demoncratic" system cleaned up it's act? or gotten even worse?

What are we being lied to about now?

What aren't we being lied to about now?

Tell of Los Angeles basin with red car tracks.

Here is a link to Wikipedia's Pacific Electric Red Car information: I need to read it more carefully, but at first blush the wikipedia version sounds like it has been perverted by Detroit.  My dad told me that he could go all over LA on the Red Car without any hassle. I need to refresh my recollections.



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