WARD 14: UNITE TODAY BETWEEN 5:30-6pm at 2nd District Police Station to Walk Against Crime!

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 01:53.
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Dear Ward 14 Residents...

I invite you to get proactive in our community and to find positive ways to unite, to turn negatives into positives, and to collaborate ideas towards reality... It's time for us to take back our neighborhoods and community. We need to show our solidarity in fighting crime, rebuilding our community, and finding new ways to use our diversity as a complimentary means towards progress & powerful changes! We need to empower each other, believing in the possibilities of teamwork, commitment, and building a sense of community.

1) United we stand... to share our concerns, find ways to solve simple problems, and to empower our residents.

2) SENIORS NEED CARING RESIDENTS TO ASSIST THEM SOMETIMES, SO---- Help our seniors to overcome issues...mow their lawns, offer to repair stuff, and care about them when they are walking down the street! 

3)Thieves, Killers, Criminals, Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, Gangs with Guns rule some of our streets and  parks..yep-it's still a silent but deadly issue... Thugs need to stop intimidating our citizens, hassling our little ones, and absolutely violating our quality of life... 

It's time to be empowered and to let these unbelievable thugs be advised that we are intolerant to their games... we will not allow them to keep intimidating us! They need to clean up their acts, move somewhere else, and learn that we are not going to tolerate their practices anymore! 


4) The diversity that once became our weakness as a community is uniting in force to promote an improved quality of life for the citizens at large of the City of Cleveland...

5) Let's promote a respectful, considerate, and family oriented environment that protects our citizens, encourages consideration, and empowers folks to do their best! Let's be good to one another, let's look out for our neighbors, and let's embody unity to prevent further tragedy in our community. Let's clean up our streets, plant seeds and gardens, and let's rebuild our housing stock...because together we can do so much good for eachother! 

We invite you to partake in this walk against crime in our community! Take a stand and voice your opinions! Bring signs, wear your tennis shoes, and prepare to share a community wide event! Meet us at Second District Police Station between 5:30-6pm so that we can step off in UNISON in this fight! 

Thank you for getting active in Ward 14!!! Community Leaders, Citizens, and Families---- be a part of the solution by doing your part to promote positive and productive solutions and direction in our community! I look forward to seeing you out there! 

I challenge everyone to bring a positive attitude that says, YES, WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY!!! Bring your friends, family, and loved ones! Let's be proud of our community again! 

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Angel, you are an innovative organizer

I'm glad you are in the coop!

And, I'm glad I don't live in Ward 14, having to figure all this out.

I know when September 8th rolls around, all the citizens there will be well informed - I can't wait to see the voter turn-out and results.

This is how elections should be run - in the open, among the people.

Now you see why so many people want to cause REALNEO harm!

Disrupt IT

ward 14

 This is a 2d district police and 2d district community relations event. People from various wards are being invited to participate in this event. This is not a Ward 14 only event so if you are interested and have the time, come! Tremonters, Ohio City, Detroit-Shoreway and  anyone, please come.

Debbie Webb


Thanks for the update!

I am glad that folks from all the communities were at this event today! Thanks to everyone for caring... walking...and standing in unison against crime!

My apologies for working to get our Ward 14 citizens involved...they usually are the last ones to get the notice anyway and most often are neglected in being made aware of these events... So, it is my ultimate goal to bring them up to speed with enumerable issues and events! 

Most importantly, as this walk with everyone was in their own backyards of Ward 14... I was trying to share with them the significance! This is the second time today that I was reminded by one



Angel, why do you say "My apologies for working to get Ward 14 citizens involved..."? Can you not accept feedback without getting sarcastic? Come on and realize there are many prespectives, and there are many people from Ward 14 in this forum who may not agree with you, or me, but are also hardworkers and are tolerant.  

Your energy and work are appreciated. However, I do believe that tolerance and respect is needed here. This is a very large forum and there are a lot of subjects that people are interested in. You can both teach and learn at the same time.


Valid point that I appreciate the feedback on.

You're so right.... I shouldn't have to feel the need to apologize for fighting for our residents' rights in Ward 14 to be involved in ANY EVENT! Thanks for making me realize that I was doing so inadvertantly. You're right we all need to learn, share, and accept some constructive remarks that enable us to grow! Much obliged. Thank you...

"I do believe that tolerance and respect is needed here"

quote [ I do believe that tolerance and respect is needed here. This is a very large forum and there are a lot of subjects that people are interested in. You can both teach and learn at the same time.]


Just saying, boy, something changed from back then, damn shame. If all read and  had  practiced that all the time, up to  today yet, the posters on here would have multiplied, the site would have grown, and people would have stayed instead of being run off by just a few.

Seems like the areas in parts of Cleveland really have changed, in just ONE generation.


http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2010/08/anti-crime_block_party_is_toni.h... lots of active residents are needed to make a difference.

Great in standing up Angel!  Betty




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Stand for something,of fall for anything.....

America....has lots of dominos falling.....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"