What's your opinion on the upcoming election/candidates?

Submitted by tchaves on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 17:56.

Hello Real NEO,

I am in the process of writing an article for Yahoo! News regarding the Ohio elections on November 2. I would like to feature the comments/opinions of 7 to 10 different voters, particularly regarding the races for U.S. House, U.S. Senate and the governor's race and any major ballot issues which are important to you.

I cannot use anonymous quotes (they won't be accepted without a full name, occupation and city)

I saw this voter guide from the League of Women Voters and thought it was informative.

Some questions to think about (feel free to add more if you like):
Who do you think is the best or worst candidate for the position and why?

What candidate has the most beneficial plans for the state?

What particular concerns do you have about the state of Ohio? What do you think is necessary to resolve those issues?

Feel free to pass this onto a friend--I'm hoping to have the feedback of a varied group of ages and from all across the state. I figured you guys would be the best place to go to gather an informed opinion....

Thanks in advance for your time!

Tricia Chaves

Side note: I am building a site called USA Free Clinics where I am hoping to help people without insurance by listing current and detailed information about free clinics by major city and state--Cleveland is already posted. If you like it, please pass along, as it will be growing to include the whole US.

Great Idea, Tricia!

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