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 In November 2003 the first 2 Vestus wind turbines went up in Bowling Green, Ohio. 
More than 5 years later Cuyahoga has nothing to show for itself - except "study" and DELAY.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and the Cleveland Foundation are running the show for Cuyahoga - researching the ice thickness now by the water intake crib off Cleveland.  

But is their $20,000 ultrasound device even the right test? 

While Cuyahoga County crumbles  (the building above is a common sight all over the City of Cleveland and elsewhere in the County)  and payrolls continue to shrink - it is criminal to "study" the ephemeral wind on the lake instead of putting the million "study" dollars into actual wind energy manufacturing jobs - or better yet - into construction of on land wind turbines.
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Bowling Green Wind Turbines In May of 2005

Bowling Green Wind Turbine Sign

Bowling Green Wind Turbines

Bill Mason?

Why, why, why?

And. he uses AOL? 

I think we deserve a real answer to this...

Why Bill Mason, and on whose dime is he doing this work? Where are the timesheets on this one, and who is paying the bills?

Doesn't Mason have problems enough reorganizing the prosecutors' department so that it is fair and honest in its duties... doing his job to the benefit of citizens... it seems his office is more scandlous than just about any in town, and if they make mistakes or are corrupted they put people in jail unjustly!

Perhaps he is better suited for working with suits on things like economic development, and he is being groomed to replace Dimora?

Would he be your first choice... for anything? 

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