White guy wins award named for black woman

White guy wins award named after black woman

The Cleveland "award" season has officially kicked off where "non" profits run by entitled leftist white hypocrites hand out phony awards to other entitled leftist white hypocrites, ALL enriched by their 6 figure “salaries" paid by the poor taxpayers who make $8 an hour; for their "work" in totally destroying black East side neighborhoods they pretend to improve. It is therefore TOTALLY appropriate for one of these phony awards to be given to double dipper Brancula, city council member AND the head honcho at the Land Bank who has given the go ahead for thousands of properties owned by poor black people on the east side to be torn down at taxpayers expense and the property taxes erased. THIS award is named for Inez Tillingsworth who actually took risks to make HER UNION MILES neighborhood better. And she never collected a paycheck for her efforts. The minute she passed away she was replaced by Roslyn Quarto a white woman from New York who "earns" $125,893 according to the ESOP 2016 IRS 990 and lives at 2619 Vestry, a $345,000 home she owns in Tremont. Really does she even know where Union Miles IS?? More importantly she doesn’t care. The name ESOP was changed from East Side Organizing Project to the bland and deliberately vague Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People. ESOP has been absorbed by and moved in to the Benjamin Rose Center where they advise old white people about money management and nursing homes, abandoning the poor black residents of Union Miles neighborhood.

A far cry from the vision of Inez Tillingsworth, street fighter for justice in the hood. 

The time has come to nominate Brancula and Roslyn Quarto for the Rachel Dolezal Award.

And the Rachel Dolezal Award goes to....


Anthony Brancatelli --for consistently exploiting his darker complexioned brothers and sisters.  A preview of the award-winning penitentiary services to be provided at 3873-3881 W 25 St.