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Sidewalk CLOSED


Thing1, Thing2...

Water, Electric and Sidewalks

Apparently, the West Side Market did not have electricity yesterday...for how long, I can't say, but today you can see for yourself that folks are forced to walk in the street due to construction on Market Ave. Cafe.

The red tape indicates an electric hazard.

Meanwhile, in Whosville our elected rep bemoans his fate on City Council, while water gushes from a crack on his own street. 

Councilman Brian Cummins said he would not vote for a rate hike but predicted that it would be approved.

"The mayor's got this council wrapped around his finger," Cummins said. "The council president and the majority of council members will do whatever the mayor asks. They've been doing it for the last five years."

Oh Dr. Seuss--Where is that Elephant??

Euclid was flooded in my Neighborhood the other day

Evelyn said Euclid was flooded in my Neighborhood the other day - surely a broken main - pretty obvious our leaders have let our infrastructure completely go to hell - double our water and sewage rates and they still won't be able to fix this mess. New leaders could... and probably send us each a rebate on past overcharges...

I'm sure things are lovely on the Cleveland Clinics' gold-paved end of the Health line,  though. All good in Cosgrovia... so good, taxpayers bought him a Medical Mart.

No prob - Toby... we got plenty of money and will die soon from your pollution anyways.

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HEAD games

Literally--who is getting off?

Looks like some nice header material...

Looks like some nice header material... good feature for Sunday - keep those pictures coming, Laura. You are the new staff photographer.

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Water Dept Woes


From David Ellison: We'll be on the steps of city hall Monday at 5:30 to call for a debate on the rate increase and the resignation of the two men who have been overseeing the water department for the last several years, Barry Withers and Darnell Brown.

The audacious thing is for the city's budget to be submitted as "balanced" when it relies on a revenue stream that doesn't exist and that requires the council to pass legislation allowing the rate increase. It's not a fait accompli unless the council votes it through and we deserve at least the courtesy of a debate.

The Mayor and Council President's assumption that they can pretty much do whatever they choose without discussion and debate is wrong. That may be the way its done in Libya, but not here. Let us discuss the new rate increase in the open and come to a public consensus that this is how we want to balance the budget if this is what is proposed.

It would be SO MUCH EASIER if the water department and its metering and billing and other customer services were functioning beautifully - whoever has been in charge needs to be replaced with someone who can actually fix the problems if we're going to go along with this rate increase willingly.

See you on the steps of City Hall Monday night at 5:30 before the council meeting.

Unbalanced Budget by taxpayer bailout

Unbalanced Budget by taxpayer bailout... the only reason Jackson is even close to "balancing" his budget is the County stealing sales taxes from citizens for the MedCon and buying the Auditorium from the city for $20 million... for whatever.

But hey... good times ahead... Cleveland is counting on taxes on workers building the $2 billion nightmare of MedCon, Gilbertopia, Wolsteinland, and Complete-Streets ODOT bridge replacement.. and then expect the 1%ers left with money to blow that at the all you can eat buffet and on slots at Higbees.

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