Wrapped up spring semester at Tri-C

Submitted by jerleen1 on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 13:18.

Hello to everyone out in the RealNeo World. I have not gone away - but am taking an important break. I have just finished my spring (2nd) semester at Tri-C. I am not blowing my own horn - but I finished with a 3.68 GPA. Somebody said something about the "Dean's List" and an Honors English Class in the fall. How's that for an "uneducated hillbilly" for all those who treated me as though I fell off a turnip truck. Just so you all know - you can teach an "old" dog new tricks. I have not had so much fun in many moons.

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After nearly a year, I have "just been a reader" ... but, now, I have to comment ... I AM SO "BEEN MISSING" your material and YOU ... and am very proud of you, learning, that, you have "been away" for such a good cause!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  you have worked very hard; I, knowing...how busy of a person you are already!

Way to Go Jerleen !

  So glad to hear this good news - your insight and writing abilities are missed here.  Great job!!

So glad to hear from you

 Have often thought about you. Dianna or lily or Teresa can give you my new email and Magic Jack number, where you call a Cleveland no. And can reach me here in Antigua Guatemala. I can't always answer right away, so please leave a message on voicemail! Laura has my email as well.

Any self-important S.O.B. that called you a hillbilly is just jealous. You accomplished a great deal entirely by your own efforts, not family money or connections or politics or brown nosing, something they could not do on their own.

And you have done a great deal for the community, unlike many on the Tremont West board (there are exceptions, of course, sad Henry felt he had to resign.)

Hooper, for example, has people from all over the U.S. And even Europe wanting to talk to him, meet him, interview him, but gets no respect and has been treated badly by many in Tremont.

All my wonderful activist friends here at realneo fighting the good fight are prophets without honor in their own country, as the Bible says.

God bless you and be with you. Delighted to hear you are doing something you enjoy! Not at all surprised at your high grades. I taught at ETI Technical College, later bought by Bryant & Stratton, so they could become a college. I know intelligence when I see it, and good writing skills. Not that a degree has anything to do with commons sence, which you also have, as well as a strong sense of right and wrong.

i am proud to know you, proud of you and proud to be an adopted hillbilly.

I have missed your posts. Do you still write for the PRESS?


Congratulations, Jerleen!

Educated or not; you'll always be one of our top treasured hillbilly assets in NEO! Remain hillbilly at heart and all else will flourish! Just don't allow yourself to get all gentrified on us because of that edumacation! Sending hugs, love, and much luck to you that all your dreams become reality! God Bless! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


For everyone out there- I haven't forgotten or forsaken any of you. I hope everyone is well and enjoying this beautiful summer. Thanks to everybody for your support and kind comments.

Still busy with summer classes and, yes, lots of homework.

I will be back writing for the Plain Press among other things.

I love going to classes and really digging into the work, especially English and writing assignments.

Everyone please take care - I will be in touch.


Hiram Book Festival

Darn - I work this Saturday, but this looks worth the effort!  Good luck with your writing and studies, Jerleen - you might need to trademark your name :) 


Les Roberts will be in attendance  http://www.hiram.edu/wrbf/lesroberts.html

 and Robert Sberna http://www.hiram.edu/wrbf/robertsberna.html  :)