Comment Period 12/29-1/28/2011 U.S. & Ohio v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

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Comment Period for U.S. & Ohio v. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

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Take this opportunity -Whosville YELL loudly!

PLEASE--I beg of every citizen in the NEORSD service area--send in your comments on this settlement.

I will write more here, but you have NOT been well-served by the administrators and board at NEORSD.  

There are many good and talented people at NEORSD, just as there are many good and talented people working on our behalf as the employees of Cuyahoga County.

But, this settlement adds insult to injury.  PLEASE, be HEARD.  Loudly.


Squandered opportunity for watershed protection

Please pick up today's Plain Dealer--see that many land holding strategies (golf courses, country clubs) are being cashed in now before settlement goes into effect.

Oakwood, Hawthorne, Arcadia--all located at headwaters of critical tributaries to our drinking water supply--Lake Erie.

Fred Rzepka is mentioned today and given credit for foresight in preservation of the West Creek watershed that affects water quality and homeowners in Cleveland, Parma, Brooklyn Heights, Seven Hills, Independence and North Royalton.  I will give him that much for not stopping the Metroparks management of the West Creek Preserve--but I will condemn him for not using his considerable political power to do the same for residents in the Tinker's Creek watershed affected by the development he has proposed for the Hawthorne Golf Course and Country Club.