Forget Cleveland...Visit Hessler St.

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Attend the Hessler St. Fair and Beachland Ballroom and transport yourself to New Orleans or San Francisco or Paris or Casablanca or some other worldly place for a much needed head trip.

Tarace Boulba will perform on Friday and Saturday.  If you haven't experienced Tarace Boulba--you haven't lived!

(Music starts at 11 a.m. and runs about an hour per act. . . but remember, we're on Hessler time during the fair. . .)


Case Sensitive
Councilman Conwell and Footprints
Early Girl
Cats on Holiday
George Foley and his Rhythm
Outlaws I & I
Alan Greene Band featuring Mr. Stress
The Uncanny XELA
Tarace Boulba
Hessler Street Blues Band


Lost State of Franklin
Umojah Nation
Alex Bevan
Martini 5-0
The Kind Revolution
JiMiller Band
Jim Volk
Tarace Boulba
Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band


Hessler St.
Cleveland , OH 44106
United States
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  Mental get-away--Also, the STAR project is just a few walkable blocks from Hessler St.

Party on Cleveland :)

FREE stuff for KIDS


Show the kids artists at work--this weekend, too.

  So much to do.

(And, while I love artists--I don't like to discover yet another CDC mushrooming in NEO...will some one please tell me why we pay for all of these organizations?)

Hessler St. Fair


I attended yesterday and listened in to most of the acts via WRUW 91.1.

Thank you to everyone who made the event so special! As a former resident of East 116th and East 115th streets--Hessler St. holds special nostaligia for me.  Organizer Andy Kessler spoke on the radio on the original and on-going significance of the event as a call to arms for residents.  

We are all Hessler St. residents. The City of Cleveland is bull-dozing neighborhoods--don't give in.  Stand up for your rights! 

And hit the tour with the new French-inspired American PEACE revolution!

Vive la liberté!

I really wish I had photos of the kids playing in Harmony Park, but for some  reason, it felt like a sacrilege for me to photograph them.  They were so beautiful and happy.

For some really great photos from previous years--check out the photos of Jay Levan.  Props.  Great smiles.