Negative Space Opening Erin Mulligan and Tony Bellitto

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Negative Space Gallery is proud to present the highly anticipated openings of Erin Mulligan’s exhibit, The Life of a Dream and Tony “Nino” Bellitto’s exhibit, Intricacy. 

As featured on, Erin’s work is a beautiful, whimsical journey into the imagination. Erin Mulligan is a professional artist living and working out of Canton, Ohio. She has been creating art for nearly her whole life. Growing up in an artistic family, it had always been her dream to be creative, to speak to others through her art, and to make this her life. "Life" - the ugly, the beautiful, the mundane, the morbid … the everything, and the connections that hold it all together is what Erin is trying to convey through her art. 

This will be Tony Bellitto’s first exhibit! Hailing from Norwalk, Ohio, Tony’s intricate and thought provoking sculptures are sure to amaze. After serving in the military and working in electronics, Tony began to focus on his passion. After revisiting how remarkable it felt to create his first piece, "The Beginning", for a local business event, he began the journey of incorporating what he needed to do with what he wanted to do. Continuing to be inspired by the multitude of electronic component types, colors, shapes, etc. he spent hours alone with his materials and himself creating new "e-Art".


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Asian Town Center and Negative Space

There are so many great places to explore in CLE and cool people to meet - venture out on a weekend/or for the opening advertised above.  

Freshwater CLE recently profiled Israeli-born artist Gadi Zamir as a recipient of the CAC Creative Workforce Grant.  

You can see him working in the space that includes the gallery and cafe:

Very cool space and very cool people planning the Lunar New Year festivities:

Travel the world - all here in CLE! 

Photos from last night - the view from Asia Town Center is beautiful and the crowd that Gadi has encouraged is especially welcome and friendly.  The beauty of this space is that it can be adapted to any event. I hope to attend more of the musical, poetry and art events planned for this great space. Thank you Gadi.  See featured artwork above and in process below:

Best thing about NEW Immigrants to CLE??




Thank you to Alexandre Duong and Lisa Wong for all they do to make CLE a great place to EAT!