Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 04/30/2008 - 16:33.

Does this night shot of Good Year's noisy, fuel-sucking,   electronically advertizing Blimp pounding down  commercial money messages over the Indian's commercial electronical big screen stadium filled with it's captive electronically numb audience constitute GRAFITTI? 

If you pay a lot of money to run around and visually, aurally, and CO2 etc, pollute the night sky - does that mean your brightly colored distraction isn't GRAFITTI?  Because your message is painted on the public trust's sky?

I wonder. 

One thing's for sure it ain't art!

And people complain about a little spray paint on their garage door or the bridge abutment?  And they don't want to look at wind turbines? 

Go figure...

Anyway, here's a puzzle: can you figure out the message from these four frames taken over a few seconds?

Good-Year-Blimp-pounding-ad.jpg40.84 KB

thank you Jeff-

 from one(s) who have to hear those blimps almost every single spring-summer-fall night...

Expanding view of what constitutes "graffiti"

As I have been considering what defines "graffiti" for about 5 years now, my view of what  graffiti is has been expanding - to now include McDonald's and Dunkin D paper cup litter in my ivy patch along the sidewalk and throw away newspapers  blowing back and forth on the floor of the RTA.   After considering that Shepard Fairey was arrested in Boston for Andre "public art",  I feel that what conventionally defines graffiti/public art needs reconsideration  - maybe developing a new outlook would be beneficial - an outlook with the intent of connecting/jumping the  "liability" for this commercial litter (which actively advertizes for its originators) past the anonomous dropper to the company that manufactured and sold the product with the certain knowledge that many of their containers would not be disposed of in a trash receptical .   

Why doesn't that Budweiser beer can on my lawn on Saturday morning constitute graffiti?  Why isn't Anheuser responsible for the BUD on my lawn just has HEK or MAK would be responsible if they had put HEK or MAK on my lawn?