Reason for Dear Peter

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 11/20/2004 - 09:50.

Earlier in 2004, Peter Lewis offered to provide funding for a proposal to improve Northeast Ohio. Not that he hasn't already done his share - CEO of Progressive Insurance, Peter employs many people in the region, has been a major contributor to our arts and social program, and literally gave us the region's finest landmark building - the Gehry at University Circle - he has offered to do more. Unfortunately, on 11/16/04, Peter explained to area leaders that the proposals he received for the community were not sufficient. Rather than complain about Peter not funding proposals his wisdom rejects, REALNEO is getting the entire community involved to develop for and with Peter solutions that will lead to sustainable development for the region. Add pages to this book with your proposals, and comment on others - no whining... just winning!

Responding to the PBL Challenges

One way to think about this challenge is to design an inclusive process using AI and REALNEO integration. One other interesting connection: Use the computer simulation capabilities of CIA to guide us as we move forward.

Let's just do it!

Every resource at hand should be directed toward this initiative, which should serve as a catalyst for collaborative, inclusive, region-wide brainstorming and agenda definition becoming a continuous community improvement process - stop expecting and accepting Ivory Tower solutions and the private ad hoc approach to problem solving by embracing an open, "affirmative" inquiry process leveraging all the incredible minds and tools at our disposal in this community. Spread the word and involve everyone who wants to be part of solutions to Northeast Ohioan's problems... our problems. More than just Peter Lewis will hear us and will listen, as we all just do it together! Post your comments and ideas below or add a page to this book - if you don't know how, email norm [at] realinks [dot] us