Art of the Day: LABYRINTH by Rafala Green

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Tue, 07/04/2006 - 22:34.


Rafala Green's labyrinths are a good follow up to the art of the Shaman. I first met Rafala Green and saw her labyrinths this past winter at an open house at the Hodge School artists's community. Her labyrinths are absolutely magical! They transcend the boundaries of typical painting and drawing. As your eye follows the path, the labyrinth takes you on a spiritual journey.  See Rafala Green's website to learn more about her labyrinths and community art projects.

Rafala Green Labyrinth.jpg44.05 KB

Rafala Green is my favorite public artist in town

I met Rafala when I toured Hodge School for their open house last winter and she is a Shaman for sure - the labyrinth is a spiritual crossing point for the troubled St. Clair Superior neighborhood of the Hodge. As she works on this over time, Rafala tells of neighborhood children coming over to help her place the bricks (see above) and elderly people coming and walking the labyrinth each day for reflection. Really wonderful work - I'm pitching for her to get a commission for another labyrinth at a new park planned for near the new East Cleveland library, if anyone wants to help get that accomplished, or can help get her a commission to do one elsewhere... very important work and great artist of the day

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