Urgent EPA Meeting on federal dollars spent at WC Reed Park

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EPA will speak about a revised cleanup plan at a meeting being held by Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman. The plan is based in part on community input, and will still address contamination while preserving some of the park’s trees.

6:30 p.m. 
Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 
St. Barbara Parish 

1505 Denison Ave. 



I am submitting my own comments here and you can find more resident input at Friends of WC Reed Field - I am highly suspicious of this action: the history of public monies in my neighborhood, Brooklyn Centre (chain of "leadership- Jim Rokakis, Merle Gordon, Emily Lipovan, Brian Cummins) - has primed public or seized land to make public (LAND BANK) properties that are then transferred to a developer.

The plague-ridden NRP Foster Pointe is a case in point.  Former Councilman Brian Cummins granted City of Cleveland parkland to NRP - homes were also demo'd at taxpayer expense (though the Councilman disputes this- no proof was ever shown to evidence that NRP paid for the demolition of a historic rowhouse). 

I walked the perimeter of WC Reed Field with CDavis and we collected signatures of the families to be impacted by this "clean-up."  Maurice Small's mother is collecting signatures at Foster Pointe.  She is impacted by this proposed project along with 60+ other seniors who will also (coincidentally) lose access to ALDIs for grocery purchases.

See: http://realneo.us/events/date-aldis-brooklyn-centre-slated-close-thank-your-councilman-cdc-chris-warren-and-community-

This is one hot mess - and my suspicion is that City is clearing out W. 15th St. and priming with this clean up to provide access to the land (the beautiful expanse) for industrial or commercial development - the park offers immediate access off I- 176.  

Think Hinckley Industrial Park - all of this no doubt cooked up by the folks at Thieving Communities.  Please don't let this happen to us.  

BTW - the signature beacon of the majestic Cottonwood - at WC Reed Field is slated for the chainsaw.


Please see above- please local media - record this event - thank you!

WC Reed -after tonight's meeting

Thank you to Joe Cimperman for moderating the public meeting on WC Reeed Field that received zero media coverage in Brooklyn Centre neighborhood-thank you too, to Ken A. Lanci Roz McAllister and Brian Kazy - for being at the meeting.  Brancatelli was there, too - but you can bet he will help the City destroy WC Reed Field as fast as you can say "LAND BANK"....the "remediation" has been postponed until June 2014 - hopefully, by then we have a new mayor and new council rep that does not include any of the status quo.

"URGENT" Action postponed until June 2014

The City of Cleveland's emergency clean up of WC Reed Field has now been postponed until June 2014.  Residents are extremely incensed by the handling of this "emergency" - and plans to destroy character of what has been a beloved neighborhood park.

Councilman Joe Cimperman moderated the meeting on Monday, August 26th.  Thank you to Betsey Merkel and Gloria Ferris for filming the event, which will be made publicly available.  Over 70+ residents turned out as EPA the project.  I have posted photos at the ad hoc group Friends of WC Reed Field.  

My take on the meeting

I now have a moment to breathe!

This meeting, if you missed it, was very informative!  Volumns were spoken through the most used words of the meeting "We don't know".  What I don't know is why we had all those people in the room to tell us that they don't have a solid plan, that they don't have a start date, only a season, they don't have a health impact study, they don't know the materials to be used, they don't know the names of the trees that are "evasive", they don't know what contaminates were in each of the samples (just tested possitive for one of the list).

I told the EPA guy that if I win this election, don't come back with "I don't know" in his vocabulary! 


You were succinct at that meeting...

You spoken volumes within 30 seconds which needed said up front.


Thank YOU for putting yourself out there and campaigning for change.............GOD BLESS! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"